10 Tips To Build Muscle Fast

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10 Tips To Build Muscle Fast

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Anyone who joins the gym always end up looking to gain muscle fast! Here are 10 tips to help you maximise your muscular gains.

How do we really develop and build muscle fast? There are actually a lot of word of mouth information and even books that cater to muscle therapy related inquiries. A lot of us spend a whole lot of time, money and effort to be able to achieve this goal since evidently the media mostly highlights this need in our faces everyday through magazine covers and the television. You might be overweight, skinny or you just want to improve your physique for your own self esteem needs. Then this is the right avenue for you to learn from the best and with that brace yourself since you’re about to get the secret 10 tips to build quality muscle fast.

Muscle Tip #1: Eat, Eat and Eat

One must consume at least 3,500 extra calories to build just 1 pound of muscle. Eating at least an extra 500 calories a day will give you a calculated 3,500 extra calories for 1 week. A muscle gain of 2 pounds every week is the ideal rate for an individual wanting to get bigger. But be warned that unhealthy and empty calories does not count so focus your diet on lean protein sources and healthy carbohydrates.

Muscle Tip #2: Take Supplements

We are not able to give you one specific brand name to do the magic but the most desired for the expected outcome should be a creatine supplement and a protein powder with high standards. Highly recommended creatine and protein supplements one should consider is readily available in retail outlets and even online.

Muscle Tip#3: Take Time To Rest

You would not want to damage the muscle fibers by exerting too much effort in just one workout. Don’t just work on one particular area day in and day out. Learn to pace yourself and follow a rigid but sustainable workout plan. Ask a gym instructor or a physical therapist for your specialized needs and for your body type specifically. Give your body time to rest. Typically, a muscle needs at least 3 days or 72 hours to repair itself from building muscle and weight training sessions. Alternate each muscle group every other day to get the full benefit of the workout.

Muscle Tip #4: Recover and Recuperate

Take cold showers or ice baths and use compression clothing. Get a massage as therapy or do stretching, foam rolling, breathing exercises, and most importantly get adequate sleep to get optimum results for muscle growth.

Muscle Tip #5: De-Stress After

Drained testosterone comes from really high levels of stress and would produce muscle-damaging hormones. If you experience constant high body temperature, shallow breaths, moody personality, and high heart rate then most often than not you are stressed and it can stunt muscle growth. Once in awhile you have to plan a day only for yourself to de-stress, breath in fresh air and practice relaxation techniques to nix stress away.

Muscle Tip #6: Hello Hormones

Imbalances and deficiencies when you are above the age of 30 y.o. is inevitable so have yourself checked with a licensed specialist and address your hormone levels promptly. These things can slowly diminish and interrupt muscle gain.

Muscle Tip #7: Quality Lift

Get your hands on dumbbells, barbells, lift weights and machines to see noticeable significance on areas on your body that needs toning and from there check on its progress.

Muscle Tip #8: Do Multi-Joint

If you are not that muscular yet you should then be doing single joint movements like triceps extensions and bicep curls that do not necessarily build muscle that quickly. Instead, opt for multi-joint exercise like bench pressing, squats, deadlifts and cleans. It works muscle more quickly and you can carry heavier weights than usual with just single joint workouts.

Muscle Tip #9: Go On Heavy

Bodybuilders usually exercise with a gym partner so that the person would be like their personal assistant of some sort and help them reach their personal goals.

Muscle Tip #10: Almost No Cardio

Use cardio for only 2-5 minutes of warm up, then focus your energy on weight training only. Our bodies require calories to function and gain muscle to lose fat so if a huge part of your workout routine is spent on either running the treadmill, using the stepper, cycling or other cardio activities then it defeats the purpose of gaining muscle especially if you are already lean.

Good luck on your journey towards getting that muscular body. And remember no pain, no gain.


This is a guest post from Joe, A passionate personal trainer who loves fitness and also works as an occupational therapist in Perth.


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