5 Most Common Shoulder Training Mistakes!

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5 Most Common Shoulder Training Mistakes!

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Avoid these very common mistakes when training your shoulders and to stay injury free on the road to huge muscular deltoids.

Having big shoulders really makes a person appear big and powerful. In order to build big shoulders you must train them from all angle’s working the front, middle and rear deltoids. However, we training youtr shoulders you should be sure to avoid these common mistakes that many people make when training shoulders.


Keeping Your Arm Straignt on Lateral Raises

Lateral raises are designed to focus on the middle deltoids, the correct form is to raise your arm up from your side with a slight bend in the arm keeping your arms locked in position. The problem is that many people fail to keep their arms locked in position they start with a 90-degree bend at the bottom and their arm straightens to 180 degrees at the top, this is more common when doing one arm at a time. Straightening the arm turns the exercise into more of a elbow extension and cause’s the triceps to do the work and not the deltoids. So remember keep your arms locked with a slight bend only.

 5 Most Common Shoulder Training Mistakes!


Straightening Your Arm on Rear Delt Exercises

Again we have the same problem, this time on exercises for the rear deltoids. The most common exercise is the bent-over lateral raise using either dumbbells or cable machine. The most important thing to remember again is to lock your arms in a slightly bent position through the entire movement of the exercise otherwise you will end op working the triceps rather then the triceps. If your struggling try lowering the weight or practice reverse flyes on the peck deck machine.


Hands Are Too Close Together Doing Upright Rows

Upright rows are designed to target the middle deltoids, however when you have a close grip your elbows get drawn forward which causes your shoulder to get internally rotated. This type of movement is bad for your shoulder joints and can be avoided by holding the bar with a wider grip (hands about shoulder width apart is perfect), this allows you to flare your elbows out and keep your upper arms traveling at your sides working your middle deltoid and avoiding injury. Avoid using the close grip version and stay injury free.


Neglecting Your Rotator-Cuff Muscles

Building big shoulders means targeting the muscles from all angles with exercises that work the front, middle and rear deltoids. However, many people tend to forget about one of the smaller rotator cuff muscl es that help stabalize the shoulder joint. Strengthen the rotator cuff muscles are very important, should you fail to train the muscle over time as your deltoids grow stronger a strength imbalance can occur which making you susceptible to injury or serious pain. Most rotator cuff exercises can be done with cables, bands or light dumbbells and will be worth it in the long run.


Lifting Heavy Weights On Behind-the-Neck Presses

Lifting heavy weights is certainly the way to go when training the shoulders, that’s the how you increase your strength. However, when you are lifting heavy weights for low reps it’s best to use presses where you lower the bar in front of you. Doing behind the neck presses cause’s the shoulders to be externally rotated which is one of the biggest cause’s of sport injuries. So loading up the bar with maximum weight is only going to increase your risk of injury. So just remember next time your training shoulders stick to moderate weights for behine-the-neck-presses.

Remember you should always train smart first, then train hard. You will be healthier, injury free with better gains


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