5 Reason’s You Should Be Using Creatine!

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5 Reason’s You Should Be Using Creatine!

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The benefits of using creatine are well known and here are 5 reasons why you should add it to your supplement plan.

Anyone who spends enough time in the gym, will sooner or later will start to learn about creatine supplements. Creatine has come along way over the past few years and is a very popular product and has become a staple supplement for those who want to improve strength and build lean muscle mass. However, while it’s popularity grows, there are still many people who are in the dark about what creatine really has to offer. There are so many benefits that creatine has to offer, so here are the six biggest reasons you should be adding creatine to your supplement plan.


Creatine Increase’s Your Strength

One of the main reason’s people supplement with creatine is because of the strength gains. You will find yourself able to train at a much higher intensity and help you build more mass. If you have hit your peak creatine may help you push past this and get to the next level.

A study revealed that by consuming creatine your muscles build more phospocreatine, which allows you to perform better for shorter, intense strength building workouts. If your workout consists of low reps and heavy lifts, creatine is a must have for your supplement plan.


Improved Sports Perfomance

Creatine has been shown to enhance physical performance. In fact studies have found that high intensity athletes such as sprinters, swimmers, rowers, powerlifters, football players and jumpers have significantly improved the first 30 seconds of their performance by roughly 10% when supplementing with creatine. If your looking to get the advantage over your competitors in a high intenity sport, a creatine shake could make all the difference.

 5 Reason's You Should Be Using Creatine!


Creatine Boosts Testosterone Levels

It’s very common for your testosterone levels to drop once you hit your thirties. This can cause reduced energy levels, endurance, strength and even your sex drive. A common soultion is testosterone replacement therapy. However, studies have found that taking a daily creatine supplement whilst following a 10 week resistance training program helped increase the participants resting dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels by 56 percent in seven days.


Improve Your Brain Power

Creatine has also shown to have a great benefits on the brain. An interesting study where a group of 45 participants was given just five grams of creatine daily over a six week period showed that they had an increase in their neurological performance. Participants showed improved memory and focus which helped them process information at a faster rate. If you find yourself becoming a bit forgetful why not try taking creatine and see if it helps you improve yours.

 5 Reason's You Should Be Using Creatine!


Creatine Increase’s Muscle Gain

Creatine is one of the best muscle building supplement out there. Creatine monohydrate is one the most studied products on the market, and has been proven time and time again to have a huge impact on building muscle size and strength. It has also shown act like a buffer to lactic acid, which increases muscle volume and enhances protein synthesis.

Creatine is the perfect supplement for those looking for a cheap effective muscle building supplement that has a proven track record.


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