5 Great Ways to Promote Health in Your Neighbourhood

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5 Great Ways to Promote Health in Your Neighbourhood

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Do you want to improve your fitness? Getting your neighbours involved in health and fitness is a great way to make it more fun.

There’s no better place to get healthy and in shape than right in your own neighborhood. Encouraging your neighbors to be healthy with you is a great idea that will not only keep you all healthy, but encourage a great new community dynamic.


Getting together with the neighbors every day to walk the dogs is a social and good way to promote health. Believe it or not, dog owners walk more than people who don’t have dogs. If you have neighbors who don’t have a pet, ask them to join along for the camaraderie and fun getting healthy. Better yet, for those neighbors who may not be able to get out and walk the dog, offer to walk their dog for them. Plan to meet at a specific time every morning or night to walk with the neighbors and get healthy together.

Cleaning The Neighborhood

Make a habit of getting out every day with the neighbors to clean up the trash on the sidewalks or tidy the front of your homes. If someone needs help raking up leaves, gather at that house for a couple of hours and rake leaves. Take turns mowing grass for neighbors who aren’t able to keep their yards cut due to health conditions. All of this will lead to you becoming healthier by helping others.

Riding Bikes

Nothing could be more fun than joining a biking group with your neighbors! Bike riding gives all types of riders a good exercise program. You may have athletes in your neighborhood as well as beginners. You all can benefit from riding together for 30 minutes to an hour a day. Riding as a group can be a lot more fun as well as being much safer. You and your neighbors can burn up to 300 calories riding bikes in just 30 minutes. Riding bikes will give you and the neighbor’s lots of cardio-respiratory endurance as well as shedding some unwanted pounds.


If you have a community swimming pool in your neighborhood, getting together at a specific time with neighbors is a great way to get some good exercise and have fun together. You can plan some volleyball games at the pool with teams of neighbors and have some fun swimming races. Swimming will help you and the neighbors feel more fit and healthier because it’s a good form of aerobic exercise that involves all the muscles. It burns a lot of calories and uses up a lot of energy.

Exercise Classes

How about starting some Zumba classes for the neighbors for exercise? You can select homes that you can go to daily at a specific time to do Zumba or other types of cardiovascular exercise classes with your neighbors. Fitness is always more fun with more people. Even if you are older, shy, or not as confident, the beginning Zumba Fitness DVDs are enjoyable for everyone and easy to do. Working out as a group makes it livelier and fun.

Why not be the one that makes a change in the neighborhood and promote that healthy new beginning for everyone? Get started now. You may discover that your neighbors all want to do something a bit healthier as well. Lastly, don’t forget to encourage everyone you know to protect themselves with adequate health insurance!!


This is a guest post from Pam Johnson, A nurse in the psychiatric ward of her hospital. She obtained her degree from one of the Top 10 Online BSN Programs


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