6 Tips For Avoiding Injury And Better Balance

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6 Tips For Avoiding Injury And Better Balance

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Want to get your physique back in shape? before you jump in here are 6 tips to help you avoiding injury and give you better balance.

Most adults get out of shape as they age. This is not solely caused by age, but also by stress, a poor diet, or perhaps a lack of an exercise plan. A lot of people look in the mirror one day, and decide that they want to be in shape. This is a start, but most people are inadequate in their knowledge of sports medicine. This often results in injuries, due to incorrect form. If this sounds all too familiar, then here are six tips to avoid injury and create a better balance.

Warm Up

Warm up for any sport, whether it is running, weight lifting, or volleyball. Warming up gets the body ready for a sport, which lowers the chance of injury. It also reinforces your physically-focused mindset, since your exercise will come more easily to you, and you’ll feel better. A warm up can consist of doing the activity at an easy pace, or perhaps even jogging in place for a few minutes. A five minute warm-up before participating in any sport will help one’s mental and physical health.


Many weightlifters get injured by using poor technique. The same is true for tennis, swimming, & more. This is because a lot of people get into a new sport by just diving into it, and it is important to take a day or two to familiarize themselves with basic technique. Doing it right the first time will help to make sure that you get better at your activity, while at the same time avoiding injuries.

Enjoy the Couch

Never neglect rest. Have a day or two to veg out and relax around the house every week, if not 3. This helps avoid injuries due to overuse. This is especially true for high-impact sports. Any sport that strains the muscles requires a substantial amount of rest. Muscles rebuild much better and more quickly when they have adequate rest.

Get Fixed Up

When injuries occur, get them fixed. Anyone who exercises needs to listen to their body, and not ignore injuries. An injury or pain is a way of telling the body to relax, and every athlete needs to listen. Ironically, many people avoid fixing injuries because, they want to stay in shape, but when an injury worsens, the athlete is unable to exercise at all, and will result in more losses down the road. Rest up and take care!


Remember that water not only keeps one feeling good, it also hydrates the entire body, including the joints and muscles. When working out, have water before, during, and after the workout. Then, be sure to drink a total of 8 glasses or more everyday!

Mix it Up

When exercising, do not do the same exercise daily. Mix it up – run, play tennis, bike, lift weights, do yoga, work the whole body. Injuries from overuse are less likely to occur when you spread the benefits over your whole body. A healthy balance is essential to avoiding injury when you work out. Therefore, it is crucial to listen to the body, not overwork it, and to see a doctor when necessary. Take care of yourself by drinking lots of water, mixing it up and warm up!!


This is a guest post from Tammy Lemon, A guest writer who loves to write about health, fitness and beauty. See her website www.grouphealthinsurance.org


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