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Brad Borland’s Complete 10 Bodypart Training Series!

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Brad Borland’s Complete 10 Bodypart Training Series!

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A 10 Part Training Series That Focuses on Building Muscle for all Major Muscle Groups Including Anatomy, Exercises and Workouts.

Bodypart Traning Series - Biceps!

Part 1: Quest To Building Mountain Peak Biceps!

Massive, well-peaked, muscular and separated biceps are the goal of so many trainers. Hours upon hours…

bodypart trainng series - shoulders

Part 2: Build King-Sized Boulder Shoulders!

We’ve all heard the sayings: a shoulder to rely on, shoulder the load, and sometimes it feels like you have the…

bodypart Training Series - Abs

Part 3: Quest At Chiseling Rock Hard Abs!

One of the most sought-after bodyparts by trainers everywhere is abdominals. It seems everybody wants them, but…

Training Series - Quads

Part 4: Turn Your Puny Quads Into Tree Trunks!

Have you ever seen Ronnie Coleman squat or leg press? How about Branch Warren’s intensity level during a…

Bodypart Training Series - Back

Part 5: Eclipse The New Year With A Barn Door Back!

Franco Columbu, Lee Haney, Dorian Yates, Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler all have something in common other…

Bodypart Training Series - Hams

Part 6: Your Journey Into Creating Cured Hams!

Hamstrings. No one sees them, no one ever tells you to flex them, why spend so much thought, time and effort into…

Bodypart Training Series - Triceps

Part 7: How To Build Giant-Sized Horseshoe Triceps!

Who in the heck wants big triceps? If observations of efforts in gyms all across America are any indication…

Bodypart Training Series - Forearm

Part 8: Quest On Building Steel Forged Forearms!

Many do not consider forearm training as a high priority item. Huge upper arms, a barrel chest, and thick quads…

Bodypart Training Series - Chest

Part 9: Pack On Slabs Of Muscle On Your Chest!

The chest. It is, in many ways, what defines a man. A big barrel-like chest complete with muscularity, mass…

Bodypart Training Series - Calves

Part 10: Turn Your Puny Calves Into Bulls!

We all have a love/hate relationship with the “G” word: Genetics. When we are genetically gifted in certain…


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