The Complete Beginner’s Guide To Running

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The Complete Beginner’s Guide To Running

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New to running? Try this complete guide to running for women – including what you need and how to build up your running stamina.

Running is a cheap hobby to take on and the beauty of it is that you can do it wherever you like. Running burns off more calories than any other mainstream exercise and is also excellent for your health. All sounds great right?

Running seems like a pretty straightforward sport to take on however when you’re just starting out it can all seem a little daunting! If you feel out of breath after running for the bus – don’t worry you’re not alone! Providing you follow this super simple guide for beginners you’ll soon find running can become a second nature to you, running further and further each day.

Step 1: Get Kitted Out

Luckily, running doesn’t require that much equipment but a good pair of running shoes are essential! Unlike your standard trainers, running shoes are specifically designed for… well running! They allow your feet to hit the ground whilst reducing the shock that travels up your leg. You need a comfortable pair of running shoes that won’t aggravate your feet and will also protect your feet and ankles from injury.

For us ladies, another essential item we need before we hit the track is a decent sports bra. A good quality, comfortable sports bra is essential when you’re planning on taking up running. Running without one will not only be painful it can also put unnecessary stress on your breasts causing them to stretch. So make sure you invest in a reliable sports bra, the Shock Absorber and Sportjock bras are very effective – remember you need support regardless of the size of your boobs.

Step 2: What’s Your Motivation?

When it comes to taking up a new exercise regime, a hobby or even a diet – we all need a bit of motivation to stop us crawling back to the sofa with a cup of tea and a biscuit! Whether you want to lose a little weight, tone up or simply improve your fitness – setting a goal will really help to keep you motivated.

You could set yourself a sensible goal weight you would like to achieve, a distance you would like to be able to run by a set time or your motivation could even be that little black dress or those skinny jeans you’d love to squeeze into!

Step 3: The Run!

You don’t want to rush into something like running, particularly if it’s not something you’ve done for a long time. You should ease yourself into it and build up your pace and distance gradually. You don’t want to push yourself too hard at first and risk injury.

Starting Out:

• You should start each run with a gentle warm up, you could do a few simple stretches or knee lifts just to get your blood flowing and your muscles warmed up.

• On your first few attempts just start walking for an amount of time that feels comfortable for you – preferably between 10 and 30 minutes.

• Once you have got to the point where you can easily walk for 30 minutes you can begin to incorporate running into your exercise.

• Start running for one or two minutes at a time during your 30 minute walk.

• As you get more comfortable running, slowly increase your running intervals to a point where you can run for the full 30 minutes.

Once you’ve reached this point it’s up to you where you progress from here – you could try to increase your running time from 30 minutes or you could try more challenging terrains or further circuits.

Try to get into a routine with your running so that it simply becomes a part of your weekly routine – going twice a week, every week is better than going 5 time one week and not at all the next.

Staying Motivated…

Keeping ourselves motivated is something we all struggle with now and again and as we have mentioned above it’s essential you have a goal in mind. And once you’ve reached this goal what’s stopping you setting yourself another more challenging goal?

If you’re wanting to improve your running, an excellent way to set yourself a goal you must stick to is to sign up for a fun run, a charity run or even the Race for Life. Training for a 5 or 10k race is a really good way of keeping you motivated.

…And who knows maybe next year you could even enter the London Marathon!


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