Don’t Forget To Stretch: The Importance of Stretching

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Don’t Forget To Stretch: The Importance of Stretching

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Learn the benefits of taking the time to stretch before and after a workout and how it helps the body and its ability to reduce pain.

A workout is not complete unless you take the time to stretch, and yet many people overlook or fail to understand just how important it truly is. But here are the facts. Leading experts say you should always stretch out both before and after any exercise program. It doesn’t matter if you are an avid runner, love yoga or are simply lifting weights. The benefits of stretching at the beginning and end of these routines are numerous.


Stretching out will purposefully lengthen your muscles. Stretching will increase your range of motion and allow you to move with ease. This simple task will help you perform at an optimal level. In fact, studies show that stretching will help your body be more flexible and can even improve your overall performance. If you fail to stretch you can cause unwanted injury to your body.

Any professional athlete or trainer will tell you how vital it is to make stretching the starting and ending point of your exercise regimen. Your tendons, muscles and ligaments will gain protection when you take the time to stretch. Your body physically responds and changes when you stretch. The positive reactions are evident when we look inside the body

What Stretching Does To The Body

Each time you stretch your body releases synovial fluid. This allows the joints to move freely. Your body will be like a well-oiled machine and it gets better than that. Stretching takes blood to your soft tissues. You’ll find you won’t tire as easily and will be able to keep going longer. A good pre and post stretch will help keep you from aches and pains after a workout.

Reduce Pain

There’s nothing worse than being sore after exercising. Many people stay away from exercise because they don’t like feeling sore and tired. Stretching can change that. Stretching is a must if you don’t want to hurt. It will help motivate you to return to your workout when you feel refreshed.

For many people getting to their activity is the goal. But when you take the time to stretch you set yourself up to succeed. You should plan on spending 7 or 8 minutes stretching both before and after your workout. This way your body will get what it needs before and after you workout.

Warming up and cooling down through stretching just makes sense. The benefits are unending and it only takes a few minutes to make a workout that much more enjoyable. So the next time you go for a run or lift up a weight make sure stop and stretch out. You won’t regret it and you’ll be able to accomplish more than you can imagine.


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