6 Things You Can Do To Eat Healthier and Cheaper!

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6 Things You Can Do To Eat Healthier and Cheaper!

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Eating healthy can be expensive, however there are many things you can do to help you save money and while still allowing youn to eat healthy.

When people think of eating healthier, they think of eating very expensive food. This is not always the case, in fact it is very easy to eat healthier without spending much money. A lot of very healthy foods are cheaper than most people realize. Sometimes it just takes a creative cook to get good tasting meals from a cheap budget. Here are six ways on how you can eat healthier, while still eating cheaper.


Avoid Prepackaged

Food that comes packaged is some of the most expensive food in the store. You are paying for advertisements, shipping costs, and the cost to create and package the food. This food will often lists dozens of ingredients, many of which you have no idea what they are. Sometimes it may be difficult to avoid prepackaged, but for the most part, try and steer very far away from prepackaged foods.


Buy Bulk

When things go on sale, buy them in bulk. This is of course only a good idea if the food is non-perishable, such as canned foods. If you buy cans of pinto beans for 99 cents a can, and a sale has them at 50 cents, you should stock up. Do not do this for rarely eaten items, as they could become a nuisance in the pantry.



If the circumstances allow, you should grow a garden. This can include vegetables such as corn, broccoli and cucumbers or fruits such as strawberries. Many people overspend when having a garden, but if you keep it simple, it should be cheap. Home grown vegetables are much healthier than most store bought ones, since there are no chemicals sprayed on them.



Drinks can cost a lot of money, and are almost always unhealthy. Soda is full of sugar and calories, and is expensive. Fruit juices are usually not nearly as good for you as raw fruit. Alcohol is okay in moderation, but can really pack on pounds and cause health problems, and it is not cheap. If you can stick to water as often as possible, you will be doing your wallet and body a favor. Bottled water should not be necessary, as water is very safe to drink. If the taste bothers you, a 20 dollar filter will help with that.



If you can replace meat with other proteins, you will save money and likely calories. Meat is expensive, and can be unhealthy when eaten too much. Replacing meat with beans can be a great way to eat healthier and much cheaper protein. Even just doing this a day a week will yield results.



When you run errands, or even at work, bring snacks. Ideally, you should eat food every few hours while awake. Having an apple or banana handy will do wonders for your energy, and help your long term health. If you do not have food on you, it is easy to grab a cheap candy bar which is obviously detrimental to your health.

Once you know the tips and tricks to eat healthy, it actually becomes pretty easy. You can have a lot of incredible meals for a low price if you shop around and are flexible with recipes. When you eat better and become healthier, you will also feel much better, including being more energetic and alive.


This is a guest post from Pam johnson, A nurse who promotes the idea that a healthy life starts with eating right. See her blog at acceleratednursing.org


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