Eight Diet Foods That Make Will Make You Fat!

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Eight Diet Foods That Make Will Make You Fat!

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Here are eight diet foods that you should avoid if you want to lose weight. This foods are contain high calories and will make you fat.

Most people on a diet watch what they eat. That’s kind of what being on a diet is all about. Unfortunately however, just because you think you’re eating something healthy, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are.

There’s a lot of money to be made in advertising fattening choices as slimming choices. And the result is a whole lot of dieters end up eating things that they really shouldn’t be. Here are eight diet foods that, contrary to popular belief, will make you fat, not slim.



There’s no denying that fruit is good for you, unfortunately, there’s also no denying that it’s full of sugar. An apple a day can help you consume less calories overall but an entire bowl of fruit is something else completely.

Before blindly filling up on fruit, add up the calories that you’re actually consuming. A bowl of fruit is a nutritious choice but it’s not a low calorie one.

Fat Free Anything

At first glance, fat free products seem like a great choice for somebody on a diet. Unfortunately, that’s only until you actually look at the nutritional labels. Fat free products are notorious for being packed full of sugar and this leads to two serious problems.

First off, sugar means calories and lots of them. And secondly, sugar means a high glycemic index. Foods with a high glycemic index raise your blood sugar levels and make you hungry, not full.

Whole Wheat Pasta

Whole Wheat Pasta

Contrary to popular belief, whole wheat pasta is only marginally less fattening than the regular variety. For every cup that you add to your plate, you can expect to consume almost two hundred calories.

If you want to enjoy a plate of whole wheat pasta, it’s therefore important to stock at least half of your plate with lower calorie choices such as broccoli or cauliflower. It’s also worth noting that most pasta sauces are not exactly slimming either.

Frozen Yoghurt

Frozen yoghurt is generally promoted as a less fattening version of ice cream. Unfortunately however, on closer comparison, there’s actually very little difference between the two.

On average, you can expect a bowl of frozen yoghurt to have 85% of the calories found in bowl of ice cream. You can also expect to find an equal amount of sugar and fat. In other words, if you want ice cream, just eat ice cream.



Thanks to some pretty savvy marketing attempts, granola is a popular choice among those trying to drop a few pounds. Unfortunately, it’s actually incredibly fattening. A single cup of granola clocks in at a ridiculous 880 calories.

That means that even if you limit yourself to a quarter serving, you are looking at 220 calories for a tiny bowl of cereal. And that’s before you add milk.


Contrary to popular belief, salads aren’t always low in calories either. Lettuce might be virtually calorie free but it’s also virtually tasteless. And it’s therefore necessary to add a whole host of other ingredients, most of which are incredibly fattening.

Any meal with cheese, bacon and dressing is fattening, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a salad or a hamburger. In fact, take a look at the salads sold in McDonalds, most of them contain the same amount of calories as a Big Mac.

Olive Oil

olive oil

As you are likely aware, fried foods are the last thing that you should be eating if you are on a diet. Most people assume that olive oil can mitigate the damage but the reality is that even so called “healthy oils” are not something that you should be cooking with.

A single tablespoon of virgin olive oil will set you back at least 120 calories. If you must fry something, stick to cooking spray.


Finally, we have bagels. The marketing behind these delicious snacks would have you believe that they are the perfect choice for somebody on a diet. The reality however is that a single bagel contains 360 calories and that’s before you add toppings.

Add a slice of meat, some salad and dressing and you are looking at a snack that’s easily topping 600 calories. Next time you fancy a bagel, make a sandwich instead.


This is a guest post from Barbara Woodberrry, An editor for magazinesubscriptions.com. A fitness freak herself, she gives quality advice about health, dieting and wellness.


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