Empowerment Through Pole Fitness!

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Empowerment Through Pole Fitness!

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Pole fitness has been a growing trend in women’s exercise practice, combining cardio exercise, flexibility and strength training.

The room is dark, except for strobe lights. Sultry music pulses from the speakers. A redhead approaches one of several metal poles positioned around the room and grabs onto it with ease, spinning down to the floor. Then, she stands and encourages the ten women behind her to take a turn.

Welcome To Pole Fitness

Made popular first in larger cities, pole dancing has been a growing trend in women’s exercise practice, combining cardiovascular exercise, flexibility and strength training.

When you’re doing tricks on a pole, you’re doing weight lifting! I believe pole dancers have to rely on their own strength to lift their body weight, usually an upward of 100 pounds. Temika Kindred and Nita Robbins, owners and instructors at Diva Doll Fitness in Ocoee, Florida call it a great way to combine fun and fitness!

Pole Fitness

Pole dancing is great cardiovascular work. It’s good for upper and lower body at the same time. It’s a great fat burning workout. It will give you all the benefits of any other fitness program, except it’s a lot more fun. It has a “whee” factor, like swinging on the monkey bars at a school playground. The environment of the class is low pressure and supportive. At Diva Doll Fitness, women support each other. Its about empowerment, embracing our bodies and knowing that we are beautiful, inside and our, regardless of our size!

At times the women work individually, paying no mind to one another. At other times, they call encouragement, applauding when one of the students executes an elusive upside down, no-hands move. It is truly a place for women to embrace their inner beauty, sexiness and inner strength. I have to say, I have done power lifting, and lifted twice my body weight, when I woke up after a pole class, I’ve never been more sore. After losing 350lbs, Diva Doll Fitness helped me embrace my inner beauty, I wasn’t judged for the way I looked on the outside… I had to find myself. I wasn’t competing with anyone else… I was only changing myself, both inside and out.

Pole dancing has made me feel strong, has made me feel beautiful and made me find that inner beauty that I have been missing for so many years. There are body builders out there who cannot do the things I can do!!!

Various workout trends that incorporate exercise with sensuality, such as pole dancing, have been touted as proponents of feminist empowerment. I think when you feel very strong and capable, when you’re suddenly able to do something you didn’t dream you could do, and you have a lot more strength, you can feel it in your body. You can move in ways that are sensual and alluring, and when you do it just for yourself, that’s very empowering. Sure I can bench press 225lbs and squat over 500lbs, but nothing has ever made me feel more empowered than taking a class at Diva Doll Fitness, or the way that Nita Robbins or Temika Kindred makes every woman feel who walks through their doors… Beautiful… confident… sexy and STRONG!! Who says you have to lift weights to be sexy… climb a pole and imagine the possibilities!!


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