5 Reasons to Join a Fitness Boxing Gym

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5 Reasons to Join a Fitness Boxing Gym

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Well-trained boxers are some of the most thoroughly conditioned humans. This is why fitness boxing gyms are becoming increasingly popular, not to mention the nature of the workouts without the risk of getting a black eye. We hear the word “boxing” and the first place our minds go to is the fear of getting punched or hit. Little do people know, there are two types of boxing: traditional boxing, where you get in the ring and train to fight, and boxing fitness, where you train like a fighter without the risk of getting hit by another person.  That is what Maryville Boxing, a fitness boxing club for all fitness levels, specializes in. Maryville Boxing Owner, Mia Mueller, gives us an exclusive look into the 5 Reasons to Join a Fitness Boxing Gym.

1. It is fun! And Gets Crazy results… Fast!

Many people get bored of the traditional gym setting. There are only so many exercises you can come up with on your own, and sitting on a machine isn’t always appealing. Traditional gyms get too crowded and are a thing of the past.

“Trust me, I get it. Working out can get very boring. Which is why my Husband Chad and I created Maryville Boxing. We wanted there to be something fun for people in our community to do to get in shape. Our members’ favorite days are when they hit the focus pads, their minds are constantly thinking and before you know it your workout is over and you’ve burned almost 1,000 calories!”  And judging by the amount of before and after photos in their gym and website. Their program definitely works!

2. You will leave feeling accomplished

How many times have you regretted having a lousy workout? No more going to the gym just to walk on the treadmill for 15 minutes then leave because you don’t know what else to do. At Maryville Boxing, you can leave the thinking up to them and the classes will have you pouring sweat in no time.

“I don’t know about you guys, but my favorite workouts are the ones that get me really sweaty and exhausted in a really short amount of time. There’s just something to ultra-sweaty workouts that just leave me feeling like I really accomplished something afterwards, and that’s pretty awesome if you ask me.”

3. You will build core strength and tone your arms and legs

Just because your arms and legs are putting in most of the work, doesn’t mean the rest of your body isn’t getting its fair share of exercise. Fitness boxing provides a total body workout and an undeniable core strengthening experience. The structure and movements of the workouts help to tone and tighten every muscle group.

“Although it may seem like you’re just using your arms (to punch) and legs (to kick), you are also putting your core to some serious work while boxing. Boxing relies so much on core strength, that it’s fairly common to have sore abs the next day, even if nothing else is sore; mine often are if I go hard enough. Keep it up and you’ll build some seriously strong abs.

Boxers also have notoriously have really strong shoulders, and you will too if you do it often enough. Just don’t be surprised when your shoulders start aching within just a few minutes. Boxing will make your body a lean, mean machine without adding bulky, non-functional muscles.”

4. It’s the best stress reliever of all time

There is nothing like getting your stress and frustrations out with a good, solid workout. Exerting all your energy and focusing your mind on your workout is one of the best ways to keep a healthy mind and body. We tend to bottle up all our stress and fitness boxing acts as an outlet for all those stressors.

“You know those days where nothing’s gone right and you just feel like hitting something? Boxing is the answer. Spar with a partner or punch the bag. Either way, you get to take out your aggression and stress in a productive way.”

“The physical activity helps relieve stress while the focus on your movements helps clear your mind. We have had many members post in our member’s only page how thankful they are to have our gym in times of stress. Let’s just say there have been lots of photos of exes taped to the bags. Haha!”

5. It makes you feel like a badass

Everyone wants to look and feel like a badass, whether that means dressing like a pro athlete or pretending you are a pro boxer in the ring. Envisioning and perceiving yourself as a badass will heighten your motivation and actually cause you to go a little harder with your workouts.

“I’ve always been one of those people who wanted to be a little tough, rather than wimpy or girly, but until I started working out and subsequently boxing a few years ago I had nothing to back up my wannabe toughness. Getting stronger and learning to box changed all of that. Since then, I suddenly had some actual strength and skills to back it up.”

“And really, let’s be honest here: there’s really nothing more badass than being able to punch and kick really, really hard.”

As if 5 reasons weren’t enough, Mia Mueller let’s us in on a little Bonus Perk that you just can’t beat…

“You will make new like-minded friends. Since our gym is class based, a lot of members end up becoming really good friends and help each other stay accountable. It also leaves you wanting to come back to catch up with your workout buddies!”

Gone are the days of walking on the treadmill and crowded traditional gyms. It is time to look forward to your workouts and stick to a fitness regimen that actually works!

If your interested in Maryville Boxing, they offer a FREE 7 day pass and beginner boxing class!

Visit www.maryvilleboxing.com for schedules and details.


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