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Floatation for the Sporting Individual

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Floatation for the Sporting Individual

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If you are an ardent sport fan, you would have probably realised by now that most sportsmen and women around the world have been known to use sensory deprivation tanks to not only prepare for their sporting event, but also to recover from the stresses that their sport of choice places on them mentally and physically. The truth of the matter is that these floatation devices or isolation tanks are more than what meets the eye with the primary element of the entire therapy is about providing escapism for the brain that even gravity is not a factor.

This being said, if there is anything that causes muscle fatigue or deterioration, it would be gravity and as far as we know most sports involve acts of defying gravity and if science has thought us better, when gravity is absent the complete relaxation that comes with it allows muscles to have the much needed break and benefits that they need and the long term effects can actually be startling!

This phenomenon is based on the fact that whilst in a sensory deprivation tank every single muscle in our body is given a break and allowed to rest and recover for the duration that we are in an isolation tank. According to most sportsmen and women the rate of recovery due to the utilisation of isolation tanks after physical exercise is phenomenal and what normally takes two or three weeks to recover only takes two or three days, which is something that every sports personality desires – quick recovery!

The mechanics behind floatation therapy is actually quite simple, when an individual is floating in an isolation tank, he or she is basically relieving the stresses on the body that gravity causes and when they are floating, the effects of gravity are eliminated taking the weight off bones, joints and muscles that have been pushed to the limit and it does not stop there.

Floating has actually been proven to increase the efficiency of the entire biological construct of the human body which includes enhanced blood circulation, better state of mental health, improved vital organ functionality, faster healing and a lot more. This is the reason that athletes find the sensory deprivation tank an essential part of their routines, because whilst floating athletes are able to enter a Theta state that provides them to visualise the techniques that they intend to use in their sporting performances.

As a matter of fact, athletes were the first category of people who embraced the isolation tank as soon as it was introduced by Dr John C Lily; everyone else using it now is just following a trend that actually started in the 50s and the benefits are still pretty much the same due to the fact that when the brain enters the theta state, it becomes more focused and this focus is usually directed at the performance that is required of the athlete prior to a sporting event and more often than not, those who use floatation tanks regularly are able to outperform those who do not.


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