Can Genetics Affect Muscle Building?

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Can Genetics Affect Muscle Building?

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I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked this one. Genetics always seem to get the blame when people can’t build muscle or lose weight. But how much do Genetics really influence your success in the gym? Read on to find out.

Many people just dont want to believe the truth. While we all have the same type of genes our blueprint is not the same. Your genes can determine things like how much fat your body will tend to store, and where it will store it, which muscle groups tend to be your strong points, natural hormone levels and even eye color. However, your genes do NOT change basic physiological processes such as building muscle or burning fat! In other words anyone and everyone CAN build the body they desire.

There are three pillars to success in the gym: training, nutrition and recovery. The reason that many people fail is because they only have two out of three pillars at best. In most cases it is either nutrition or recovery, and in some cases both. It’s impossible to build muscle or burn fat if you you neglect the basics.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you have bad genetics stopping you from building the body you want. OK your body may not contain the super genetics of Arnold Schwarzeneger, but it does contain the same genetics as the next guy. Remember, everyone’s body has a different blueprint so some people will have faster results than others. So don’t be concerned that your genetics are holding you back, just because you are small, skinny or fat doesn’t mean your body was designed to stay that way.

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However, genetics can make the process easier or harder for some people. For example some people just have naturally higher levels of testosterone than others, this can mean faster muscle growth and leaner body, while other may have lower levels meaning high fat stores making weight loss more of a challenge. Not all of us have the perfect shape chest or the highest peak in our biceps, so genetics also plays a role in the shape of your muscles.

However, these are not limitations, who cares if your results are slower or faster than others. As long as you are seeing consistant results then that is all that matters. No matter how good or bad your genetic programing is you can build the body of your dreams if you want it bad enough!

Just take your time and do your research (from the right sources) and learn the importance of proper training, nutrition and recovery. And most of have fun and enjoy yourself.


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