Glutamine: A Good Supplement for Bodybuilding?

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Glutamine: A Good Supplement for Bodybuilding?

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Sean Nalewanyj talks about Glutamine Supplements and uncovers some hidden facts about whether it really helps Build muscle.

There is a lot of debate over glutamine as to whether or not it’s a good supplement for bodybuilding. Glutamine is only popular with some people, unlike creatine, which is considered a “no brainier” supplement for bodybuilding.

Yet, others believe that its effectiveness as supplement for bodybuilding is unclear. Glutamine was considered to be a”must-have” supplement for bodybuilding until very recently.

Recent studies, though, indicate that the alleged benefits of glutamine were vastly overrated. So should you include glutamine on your list as a vital bodybuilding supplement? We’ll find out right here.

Since glutamine is a non-essential amino acid, even though it makes up about 65 percent of amino acids in the body, the body can create it out of other amino acids and molecules in times of deficit. Muscle growth is limited during stress, when amino acids are diminished. As a result of this, it makes sense to some people to add glutamine to their diet as a supplement for bodybuilding.

There are some who claim that glutamine helps repair damaged muscles and prevents soreness after exercise, which is why it’s necessary. Others claim that it helps enhance strength when taken before a workout, because it boosts immune function. However, current research does not show that glutamine is an essential supplement for bodybuilding.

Some interesting findings of the research are that while glutamine does work under clinical stress testing, it doesn’t do anything to enhance a workout; quantities of glutamine that would cost an average bodybuilder anywhere up to $1000 a year were used for this test.

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More importantly, the types of “stress” that the study refers to include severe burns, AIDS, and extensive surgery. The tests also show that in healthy adults, glutamine supplements during weight training did not affect muscle performance, body composition, or muscle breakdown. Even the belief that glutamine improved cell volume has been disproven during a research study.

Another finding was that glutamine does not alter exercise-induced immune system reduction.

The question that remains inconclusively answered is whether glutamine improves glycogen stores after exercise; however, some bodybuilders say that this isn’t something you should worry about because you’ll be drinking a high carbohydrate shake after your workout anyway.

Finally, one study showed that consuming an amino acid drink after a workout increased protein synthesis by up to 48 percent. However, adding glutamine to the mix did not change protein synthesis. So is glutamine a good supplement for bodybuilding? What do you believe now? As with most things, the truth is somewhere in between. Glutamine does provide some benefits, while it isn’t everything it was made out to be in the past.

It can apparently be a good supplement for bodybuilding as it restores testosterone levels post-workout. It can also be a good supplement for bodybuilding as it helps to get the hard, ripped look, especially when combined with a fat loss program.

So those who want to get extremely lean should gain some benefit from glutamine as a way of preserving muscle. To know more about using glutamine as a supplement for bodybuilding.


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