Expert Q&A: How Do I Use The Cable Crossover!

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Expert Q&A: How Do I Use The Cable Crossover!

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The cable crossover is a great finishing exercise for a chest workout. try climbing the ladder technique to increase gains.

In the gym the cable crossover machine has adjustable pulleys from high to low. What would be the best position to do crossovers for the chest?


Cable crossover is a great finishing exercise for the chest because they allow you to stretch your pecs right from the starting position working the outer chest muscle fibers whilst also allow you to work the inner chest fibres. Changing the positions of the pulleys (higher or lower) will determine which part of your chest muscles get worked.

If you are trying to target your lower pecs you should position the pulleys at a highest position possible. To target the middle of your pecs set the pulleys to shoulder height and keep your arms parallel to the the floor or to target upper pecs position the pulleys to the lowest position possible.

A great way to use this finish your workout is with an great move called the cable crossover ladder designed by Dr. Jim Stoppani. To start the exercise you place the pulleys position to the lowest point and then do one complete set to failure, then you move the pulley position up one notch and do another set to failure you do this until you reach the top position moving up one notch each time you reach failure. As you move the pulleys up the exercise slowly becomes more easier which allows you to have little to rest between each position.

Try This Workout

Incline Bench Press
2-3 min
Dumbbell Press
2-3 min
Cable Crossover Ladder*
Under 1 min


*You should choose a weight that allow you to do 8-12 reps max at the first position. You should keep the weight the same through all positions and push as many reps as can until you reach failure.


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