How Often Should You Exercise For Weight Loss?

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How Often Should You Exercise For Weight Loss?

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There is a lot of confusion on how one should exercise for weight loss. This article will discuss how to get maximum results, depending on your fitness goals.

Weight loss is one of the most talked about subjects in the world today, especially that there is a high increase in the number of obesity cases worldwide. When it comes to this topic, one may wonder how often the exercise should be. Do you have to work out each day or should you take a rest day? Is there a difference if you choose to do cardio instead of weight training?

When you are putting together a workout routine, you should start by figuring out the frequency. You have to think of how often and how many times should you do it per week.

It might confuse you at some point, but there is a difference in the definition of workout frequency and exercise frequency. More importantly, there are three (3) specific exercise frequencies that you have to care about. These are the Overall Exercise Frequency, the Weight Training Frequency and the Muscle Group/Body Part Frequency.

The first one refers to the number of times you have to perform any form of exercise like cardio, weight training, etc. in a week. The Weight Training Frequency means the frequency of doing the weight training every week. The last one answers how many times you have to train every muscle or body part weekly.

The Overall Exercise Frequency includes the cardio workouts, weight training workouts and more. You can vary this since it will depend on different factors. It will depend on you and your goals. For example a fat individual wants to lose fat; it would be very helpful if he will execute cardio workouts four (4) times weekly. A skinny one who wants to build muscle is not required to do cardio. The general rule is to take all forms of exercise once a week.

In terms of Weight Training Frequency, you have to be more specific. This should be done three (3) to four (4) times every week, and should not be more than two (2) consecutive days in a row. Some can do it five (5) times a week, some can only stand twice. To get the best outcome follow the recommended number per week. When you recovered well, you get the best results.

On the other hand, the Muscle Group/Body Part Frequency is a very popular topic. Many discussed and debated about. There are different beliefs and theories about it which confuse many people. There are pros and cons of every three (3) most common muscle group or body part frequencies. These are once per week, twice per week and thrice a week.

The frequency of your workouts depends on your personal goals and you should work hard. Over exercising may cause you injuries. If you overdo your workout, you might feel soreness and get discouraged.

It is very important that you always do stretching. Many people forget about this, yet it is a very important part of the workout program. You should stretch at least twice or thrice weekly minimum and up to five (5) to seven (7) times every week. Do it by stretching all muscle groups for 15 to a half minute per rep. The perfect time to do this is right after you do a cardio workout.

But you have to be aware that exercise is not the only factor that can help you achieve your ideal fit body. Exercise should be wisely paired with the best diet for you. No matter how often you exercise, but still eat improperly, you will keep getting poor results. You have to find the right balance. But there is a better way, try adding the best garcinia cambogia pills to your diet. After a few weeks, you will definitely spot some changes and your friends will envy your silhouette.


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