How To Bench Press More Weight

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How To Bench Press More Weight

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Discover some simple tips to help you bench press more, helping you improve your strength and reach your goals.

Most men at the gym want to bench press more weight, there’s no question about it. Well, what about the blokes that say they’re happy where they’re at, that they don’t want to bench more, that they don’t want to look like some of those bigger guys, you know, the one’s with their chests all puffed-out in front of them, strutting around like a peacock?

They’re lying. Every man wants to bench press more, the problem is that most just don’t know how to achieve it.

There are many simple things you can start doing on your next visit to the gym that will have you seeing gains in the amount of kilos you can bench, the reps you can perform, and the sets you can manage.

The Bench Press is one of the best upper-body workouts you can do to build muscle, increase your metabolism, and lead to noticeable gains in other areas of your gym routine.

Some Bench Press Basics

Before you begin looking at ways to increase your weight on the bench press, let’s look at a few common mistakes that many people make on this piece of gym equipment.

Hand Spacing:

Most people don’t have an adequate shoulder-width apart spacing when it comes to their grip on the bar. You can put your hands in the center of the bar, this will work different muscles of your chest, but it’s a little more difficult, and a shoulder-width grip is the norm.


Always breath when you’re benching, or using any other machine in the gym. Breath out when pushing the bar up, inhale when bringing it back down. Don’t hold your breath, and you don’t need to grunt.

Move Slow:

This isn’t a race, and the slower you lower and raise the bar, the greater your gains in muscle mass, endurance, and stamina will be.

Touch Your Chest:

Don’t bounce the bar off of your chest when you lower your weight. This will cause your rep to lose form, and you’re really just negating many of your gains. Shortcuts won’t lead to a more muscular chest, after all. Touch your chest with the bar, pause a moment, and then slowly push it back up.

Increasing Your Bench Pressing Power

The bench press is not a difficult piece of gym equipment, just look at it. What could be more simple than a rack, a bar, and a bench? But just because it’s simple doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few moves you don’t know about, and which could have you seeing extra gains in no time.

Reverse Hand Grip:

This is a technique that many bodybuilders like to employ, and there are several variations. Instead of having your hands grip the bar with your palms facing away from you, try doing the opposite. It’s quite difficult, and you may need to lower your weight, but the change-up will have your muscles working overtime. A simple variation is to reverse one hand for a set, and then reverse the other on the following set. This will get both sides of the chest working in different ways at the same time.


This is something that experienced benchers will employ often with a partner. Load up your weight rack with your near-max weight, but don’t worry, you’ll only be doing 1-2 reps. Lower the bar as slowly as you can, anywhere from 5-15 seconds, and then allow your partner to pull it back up for you. By the time you reach your chest you shouldn’t be able to push the weight back up on your own.

Progressive Overloading:

This technique is for people who have a committed gym routine, as you’ll need to space the regimen out over several weeks. Start with a comfortable benching weight and do your normal reps and sets for the first week. The next week increase your reps, and do so again in the third week. By week four you’ll want to add up to 10kg, but lower your reps. You can repeat this every three weeks.

Post your comments below and let us know if these tips helped you bench press more weight.


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