How To Look Like A Female Fitness Model

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How To Look Like A Female Fitness Model

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Vince Delmonte shares some of his top tips on how to become a fitness model and achieve the lean sexy body you desire.

Have you ever passsed the magazine stands in the shops and stopped to envy the physiques of the cover models? An increasing number of females these days are coveting this type of physique, strong and buff whilst still appearing womanly. The days are gone in which physically strong ladies are viewed as too masculine and less attractive. The female fitness physique is here to stay.

It seems that curves are back as long as they are built with lean muscle mass with a softer appearance. Stunning celebrities for including the likes of Jessica Biel or Jessica Alba are now on the front of fittness magazines showing off their new figures. What’s more is that these females are gathering plenty of male attraction – way more than other slimmer celebrities for example Lindsay Lohan and Victoria Beckham.

The good thing is, if you make some practical adjustments to your workout regimen you can get yourself on the way to appearing like the next female fitness model, maybe even covermodel!

First Things First. Pink Weights

If you want to build a lean sexy physique, you must not be worried of heavy weights. Don’t fear, you are not going to bulk up and start resembling Vin Diesel, since females simply do not possess the testosterone in their bodies to have the ability to do this. The fact is, in a really good situation, when good training and excellent nutrition, a female would be fortunate to gain approximately half a pound of lean muscle mass in a month. Not really as bad as you imagined right? And this is only if things are done right… most women would probably experience this at a much slower rate.

The trouble with light weights for the majority of women is that they are not challenging enough! You’d be shocked at just how much strength you actually have if you’d simply push yourself that little bit harder. Therefore the next time you are in a gym, grab a ten pound weight or if perhaps you’re truly ambitious, try fifteen. You’ll begin to see your physique transform in a matter of weeks in comparison to the past few years tthat you have spent sweating away on the treadmill.

Weights have the ability to altogether enhance your physique. They can make you a smaller, yet curvier version of your body now.

Don’t be troubled at the weight on the scales though, as your weight might go up from weight training. Stay calm, because one pound of muscle takes up much less room on your body compared to one pound of bodyfat, this means you might weigh more, but you will look slimmer.

Next Comes Cardio

Females have this habit to always gravitate towards the cardiovascular area of the gym. Whether it be the best location to check out the men weightlifting or it seems safer to them, whichever the reason, they go there and stay there – for several hours at a time.

This is certainly something which must change. Look at the number of hours of your life you’ve spend on that treadmill, stairmaster or elliptical trainer. Do you actually look and feel that much different due to it? I’m guessing most likely not.

Not just that, but how many of you put in your hour or so whilst watching TV or perhaps reading your favourite magazine? This really is most likely a good warning that you aren’t quite training as hard as you could be.

The fact of the matter is that your body will start to adjust to all that cardio training that you are doing. And so while you might have burned off a hundred calories running a mile, now you are currently only burning 80. Unless you constantly increase the time to get the same calorie burn, it will eventually stop being an effective fat loss tool. And when you’re currently doing six hours per week, who really wants to spend MORE time doing cardio?

The key is changing the format of your cardio from that of a reasonable steady-state workout to one that consists of high intensity intervals which will seriously kick you out of your comfort zone – and blast away body fat at the same time.

This is by far a more effective way of doing cardio and saves you wasting yet another hour not really getting anywhere, so the next time your in the gym doing cardio, perform twenty minutes, alternating thirty seconds going as hard as you can with a minute and a half at a much slower pace to recuperate. It is going to be hard – I warn you. Stay with it for just one month however and you will be very glad you did.

Now. Bring On The Carbs

Have you ever developed a love-hate relationship with carbohydrates? You love the way they taste but hate what they’re doing to your physique. Easy to understand – a lot of women feel like this.

The important thing to keep in mind with carbohydrates is that they are not necessarily ‘evil’, as long as the portion size you consume is always under control and you are timing them appropriately. To have carbohydrates working most effectively for you, it is very important that you time them before and after your workouts. This is when your muscles are going to need the energy which will quickly soak them up!

Therefore if you’re craving a bagel, have it, but save it for immediately after you’ve done a tough weightlifting workout session, as described above.

Overcome Your Fat Phobia

One important thing that most females do not realize is that to be able to lose fat, they need to consume fat. Females in particular actually tend to do much better on a higher fat diet than males do. This is due to their hormonal make-up and the way their body functions and responds to certain macronutrient levels.

How many times have you ever reached for the cookies on the shelves, purely because they were ‘fat-free’ which means you thought they’d be a safe dieting food? This is a terrible mistake.

Whenever you eliminate the fat out of products, usually manufacturers will start to add in extra sugar to make up for the taste. Newsflash. Extra sugar causes insulin levels to skyrocket and guess what that means? extra fat storage. And so, what you should do is try and reduce the amount of insulin surges you create through the day, whilst staying within your total calorie budget. Do this and you will have your best defence against warding off both hunger and fat gain.

Now, can you guess which macronutrient has the least impact on insulin levels ? That’s right – dietary fat.

So do not be scared to consume fat in your diet. It helps you manage hunger and help improve the taste of your food. Essentially you need to be aiming to have a minimum of 25-30% of your calories coming from a combination of healthy fats ( fish oil is especially important ).

Work Those Glutes

And finally, the single body part that a majority females usually will say they want to develop is their glutes. That curvy, sexy backside appearance tops the list of most gymgoers and in order to achieve this you will have to be doing the right exercises.

 How To Look Like A Female Fitness ModelFocus on adding heavy-weight lunges, one legged squats, hamstring curls and full squats into your workout program. These are your fast track exercises to a great butt. You can do all the cardio exercises you want to shape your butt, however, all that will achieve is a smaller version of your exact same self. If you would like to change the way you look , then you will need to change the way you train.

So the next time you pass a fitness model and start imagining about what it would be like to have an incredible body – stop dreaming and make it happen. All women are capable of making amazing improvements to their physiques, all they need to do is stop the training methods they are currently using and start the ones that are much more in tune with their goals.

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