Inspirational Interview With One Armed Tyler Sampson

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Inspirational Interview With One Armed Tyler Sampson

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About-Muscle talk with Tyler Sampson, an inspirational 11 year old boy with one arm, who loves sports and currently plays ironman football and baseball…

Interview With One Armed Tyler Sampson
Name: Tyler Sampson
E-mail: n/a
Age: 11 years
Height: 5’4″
Weight: 85 pounds
Location: Griffin Middle School
Experience: ? years

Hi Tyler, thank you for taking part in our intervew, could you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got involved in sports?

Well, I come from a family of four. I have a mom, dad, and a twin brother named Sterling who has helped me a lot through sports and has been really supportive of me doing them. He has really helped me push through sports and overcome things that I thought I couldn’t do. I started playing football with the Frisco Tigers at age 9. The Tigers really helped me exceed my passion of football by being there when I was hurt. They also kept pushing me to the limit even when I thought I couldn’t do it. I now am in my third year with the Tigers and I play Defensive Tackle, Offense Tackle, and sometimes special teams. I have an amazing group of coaches named Kevin Anderson, Irwin Lincoln, Omar Munir, Tom Jones, and Nick Ferrara. They have spent countless hours with me to make me a better player.

I would always watch football at home with my family and thought it would be a lot of fun. My grandparents would take me to watch the Oklahoma Sooners play. When I would visit, we would always to the backyard and throw around the baseball or football.

When I was six months old, my parents told me that I would always carry around a football and would tackle my brother. My parents decided that I should be in regular sports instead of special sports because they always thought that I was a fighter. I also have a baseball team called the Nationals. I play first base and pitcher. I had a .750 batting average in the summer playing in a more competitive league including kids that went to the Little League World Series. I would like to thank all of my coaches in baseball training me to get better. Their names are Ben Fujihara, Spencer Sligh, Doug Sampson (the best coach of all), Derrick Shoemaker, and Jim Kirkpatrick.

Do you find it hard playing baseball and other sports with one arm?

Actually sometimes it does get a little difficult like when it comes to getting my glove off and throwing the baseball and having to quickly getting my glove back on. Actually, most of the time, it is pretty easy and it’s like I have an arm and I just play. In football, I do find it hard to tackle because of I can’t really stick out my arm to make the tackle and have a wider range. But, I still find other ways I can get it done on my own. One of my favourite moments was my first year on defence and in a game I had multiple sacks, tackles for losses, and a fumble recovery.

A lot of kids underestimate me when it comes to sports. Then when they see I came to play and that I can play, I can hear their coaches screaming to get on me cause I’m killing the team. Best feeling ever!

 Inspirational Interview With One Armed Tyler Sampson

Do have any special techniques you use when playing baseball or football?

I don’t have any special techniques I just follow the coach’s directions. I need to keep my secret techniques to myself just in case someone is trying to prepare against me.

What things do you enjoy most about playing baseball and other sports?

I like the teamwork and chance to get to work together and people to listen to my ideas instead of by myself and individual sports and not having someone to share my ideas with.

Do you take any supplements to help improve your game?

I take protein shakes (MGN Physique 2.0 or Optimum Fitness) as an additional meal to help put additional weight on. I also have used Emergency Lite for natural energy before games because it contains no caffeine or stimulants which my parents won’t allow me to have.

 Inspirational Interview With One Armed Tyler Sampson

Who are your favourite sports athletes or idols that you look up to?

Jim Abbott, Demarcus Ware, Demarco Murray, and Randy Tiner

What are plans or goals for the future?

I am going to be doing my first kids bodybuilding show in Azle, TX. Next year! Watch for me on

I want to be a pro football player and make it to the Super Bowl. In baseball, I want to be a Major League first baseman or pitcher. I would like to be the next Bo Jackson.

 Inspirational Interview With One Armed Tyler Sampson

What are some of your accomplishments?

First off when I learned how to ride a bike which I can now ride no handed. Last year in football, my team went undefeated. In baseball, we went undefeated including the championship.

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us Tyler, do you have anything else you would like to say to our readers?

I would like to say an additional thanks to Cheryl Zwerenz for helping me to learn how to walk. I would like to give a huge thank you to my parents and how they always helped pick me up when I was sad and would get down on myself about missing a hand.

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