About Muscle Talk With Fitness Model David Kimmerle

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About Muscle Talk With Fitness Model David Kimmerle

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About-Muscle talk with David Kimmerle, a once overweight, broke and depressed man, who took charge of his life and transformed himself into one of today’s top male fitness models

Interview with David Kimmerle
Name: David Kimmerle
E-mail: Click Here
Age: 34
Height: 6’1″
Weight: 200-210 pounds
Location: Hollywood
Experience: 3.5 years

Could You Tell Us A Bit About Yourself And How You Got Involved In Fitness?

I grew up in Utah a huge fan of bodybuilding, I did not have many friends so I spent my teenage years in the gym avoiding the “which cool table to get kicked off of” game dreaming of my chance to be Mr Utah. I soon lost that dream when real life hit and I was unable to process it into my reality. You see I was adopted at age 9, so when I was put into a normal setting I did not know how to act and I spent the next 20 years trying to figure out myself. During those 20 years I spent 10 of them addicted to substances, legal and illegal. I was in and out of relationships the whole time feeling alone and depressed. I was depressed for twenty years, yes, that’s what I said, I honestly felt broken. Then after my 30th birthday I had a breakdown, meltdown or total inhalation of myself. However you can relate, it felt like the END! I lost my girlfriend, my business, my dog, all self esteem, money, my house, family and finally hope. That is when I had a moment, I got a call from the gym and they invited me to come back reassuring me that I did not have to pay them what I owed, I could start all over. That was the day that I realized that I was not special, not in the way I perceived special to be. I was going to have to earn my SPECIAL status, I was going to have to earn my esteem and I was certainly going to have to earn the respect back from those with whom I had lost it. I decided to earn it all back at the gym, even if I was unemployed, fat, pessimistic, no degree and unpredictable, I was going to change! No more talking. I spent the next 50 days at the gym sometimes twice a day. I did not miss a day and in that time dropped more than 30 pounds empowering me and my belief that I could fix my broken self. During the 50 days and my transformation I decided that I wanted to be a fitness model and I wanted to show the world that a substance abusing loser can switch to a supplement abusing winner. I made the decision half way through my 30th year and have never looked back, even when the times became impossibly tough I remember who has helped me and who I am trying to be, and I push for more.

David Kimmerle - Fitness Model

What Helps You Stay Motivated?

I remember why I came to Hollywood, I remember what I left and I remember who I am trying to be. I have to remind myself of these perceptions daily, hourly and sometimes even by the rep. I stay motivated because I have something to prove to myself and my dream and the perceptions help keep me very motivated.

What Does Your Workout Look Like?

Monday: Shoulders, Bicep, Forarms, Abs and Cardio

Tuesday: Quads, Hamstrings, Abs and HITT Cardio

Wednesday: Day Off – Cardio

Thursday: Chest, Triceps, Abs and Cardio

Friday: Back, Traps, Calves and Delts

Saturday: Day Off

Sunday: 2 Hours Steady State Cardio

What Sort Of Rep Range Do You Use?

I use a high rep range because I like the calorie burn and it works well, plus I have a hard time waiting for my turn to break down muscle tissue and get shredded.

Free Weights Vs Machines What Do You Feel Are The Pros & Cons and Which Do You Prefer?

I prefer free weights all day, I like the ability to change the movement slightly and get a larger range of motion. I enjoy the old school feel of the metal and knowing that my favourite physiques did not use them makes it easy for me to side with free weights.

What Mistakes Did You Make When You First Started As A Newbie?

I did not understand the importance of minerals in the body of an athlete, I was feeding my workouts and dieting but not accounting for my salt and mineral intake. I sweat when I train so eventually it led to a bloating problem basically a water retention fiasco. My suggestion is to really pay attention to your water in and out and make sure you are taking in the basics before you buy all the bells and whistles the supplement companies sell us.

How Often Do You Perform Cardio?

I do cardio at least 6 times per week, my workouts also burn on average 700 cals so my HR is high then as well.

David Kimmerle - Fitness Model

Which Do You Prefer and Why… Steady State Cardio Or HITT Cardio?

I prefer to do 1 hour or more steady state cardio, I always do it after training or when i’m alone. I prefer it because it has been proven longer by bodybuilders than HITT cardio by the new age fitness professionals. However if I am short of time or not able to train I will do HIIT cardio to get the sugar out of the system and boost the metabolism. They both have great arguments though.

What Are Your Personal Thoughts On Fasted Cardio?

I do not do it because I have had great results not doing it lol. I have read the arguments for and against it, I have tried it so I could have my own opinion and I have made it.

David Kimmerle - Fitness Model

What Does Your Diet Look Like?

2-3 hour apart – If at any time I missed a meal I adjusted per calories burned, but here is the diet I actually followed.

Meal 1: 7am
6 Egg Whites or 2 Scoops of Bodylogix Protein
¼ Cup of Oats
1 .tbsp Udo’s oil
Meal 2: 10:30am
6 .oz Vegetables
5 .oz Chicken
4 .oz Yam
Meal 3: 12:30pm
6 .oz Vegetables
5 .oz Salmon or a Fatty Meat
4 .oz of Yam
Meal 4: 3:00pm
6 .oz Vegetables
4 .oz 99% Fat Free-Hormone Free Turkey or White Fish or Chicken
3 .oz Yam
Pre-Workout – 4:15pm
1 Scoop Bodylogix Post Workout Drink (waxy and protein)
Pico De Gallo, 2 tbsp
Asparagus, 8 spears
Post-Workout – 6:15pm
1 Scoop Bodylogix Post Workout Drink (waxy and protein)
Meal 5: 7:30pm
6 .oz Vegetables
4 .oz 99% Fat Free-Hormone Free Turkey or White Fish or Chicken
Meal 6: 9:30pm (At The Latest)
Egg Whites
½ Green Bell Pepper
½ Cup of Mushrooms
Or 2 Scoops Bodylogix Protein Meal Replacement

On my days off I do not have the extra protein and sugar taken around the workout, but the diet stays the same.

Vegetable options are, broccoli, green pepper, cucumber, asparagus 10 spears, green beans, salad, all 6 ozs or split the ounces… if hungry cheat with veggies.

Protein options, meal replacement protein, whey protein, eggs, beef (lean), fish (fatty and non), Poultry, all hormone free.

Complex carbs, can replace the potato with comparable carbs in Brown rice, just adjust per serving.

David Kimmerle - Fitness Model

Do You Bulk and Cut Or Do You Stay Lean For The Whole Year Round?

I had to bulk the last two years to finish in a hurry what I was trying to build, I think I am done now so I will just stay lean all year round.

What Do You Find Gives The Best Results When You Are Cutting?

I like to cut out all fats and throw down on simple sugars around my workouts and no other carbs on the day, it is still around 200 grams of dextrose or waxy but only while I am in the gym. I will do this for about a month and I get pretty full and dialled.

How Do You Deal With Cravings?

I change my perception of the, “empty calories”. I will have to run off to work, is it worth a cookie and not book the next big job, acknowledging that I only have a few years left in the industry? NOPE. We only have a certain amount of days on this earth and none of us know how many, so I believe we should take care of our bodies, “put in better fuel”. We will run better and longer.

What Activities and Hobbies Do You Enjoy When You Are Away From The Gym?

I love to play and travel, I enjoy all things outdoors including sports, camping, fishing, hunting, horse shoes, boating, surfing, golfing, swimming, beach ect. I love a great game of darts and spend much of my time researching the whole fitness revolution and how to get my piece of the pie.

What Are Your Favourite Supplements?

My favorite supplements are Bodylogix, they are my sponsor and I take their line religiously. I do it because I like their products and because it was my dream to produce a body that a young man or middle aged man would want to look like, and it actually made it possible because I followed a natural plan for success.

Meal 1
Glutamine 5g
L-carnitine 800mg
Udo’s Oil 1tbs
DHEA 25mg
Bodylogix multivitamin/antioxidants
4 .oz Yam
Meal 2
Carnosine 250 mg
Meal 3
Meal 4
Pre Workout
Creatine ethyl ester 3-5gor
L-carnitine 800mg
Bodylogix Pre-Workout Drink
Beta Alanine 3g
Post Workout
Creatine ethyl ester 3g
Beta alanine 3g
Carnosine 250mg
L-carnitine 800mg
DHEA 25mg
Glutamine 5g
Meal 5
Meal 5
Glutamine 5g
Probiotic childrens

Why is easy, I do not do steroids so I like any supplements that will help me produce my image.

David Kimmerle - Fitness Model

What 3 Exercises Have Contributed The Most To Building Your Physique?

Dips, Squats and Hanging Abdominal Raises

David Kimmerle - Fitness Model

What Is The Most Common Training Question People Ask You The Gym?

How do I get abs like that? Lol, my answer is always the same, diet.

What Is Your Favorite Workout Music?

My favourite music options are the soundtracks of the You-tube videos on bodybuilding and inspiration, they are usually voice over’s and crazy lift, heavy metal things like your head banger stuff.

What Is Your Greatest Achievement?

I made my dad feel like I was not a lost cause anymore, which happened when I was 32. I made the change and he acknowledged it, what a neat moment in my life. No covers or amount of money will every top that.

What Is Your Favorite Quote?

Be proud of how far you have come and have faith in how far you can go! – David Kimmerle

What Do You Love About Competing?

I love the carrot it provides for my inner rabbit. I am not competing with myself, I am competing with another human being that is dreaming as big as I am and it will come down to effort and discipline that determines the winner. Stage is awesome.

What Are Your Plans For The Future?

I would like to be the first Mr. Olympia Male Physique and have my own show on a major network. My general plan is to find me a partner in life and pay for our future with this new reality I have created.

If Someone Wants To Connect With You How Can You Be Contacted?

You can contact David on the following networks:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Facebook


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