Interview With IFPA Pro Competitor Kerri Bolen

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Interview With IFPA Pro Competitor Kerri Bolen

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About-Muscle talk With IFPA Pro Competitor Kerri Bolen, she first got involved in fitness as teenager when she started weight lifting competitions with her uncle

Interview With IFPA Pro Competitor Kerri Bolen
Name: Kerri Bolen
E-mail: Click Here
Age: 45
Height: 5’2″
Weight: 106 pounds
Location: Williston, SC
Experience: 20+ years

Could You Tell Us A Bit About Yourself And How You Got Involved In Fitness?

I was always athletic but I got started in fitness as a teenager. I used to hang around my Uncle Jr’s house and he was real big into weight lifting. He would have weight lifting competitions with all the neighborhood kids just for fun. Later I started reading Muscle & Fitness magazine and I just admired the athletic women. I knew that’s what I wanted to do.

What Helps You Stay Motivated?

There are several ways I stay motivated: changing up my routine, setting short term goals, and seeing results (before and after pictures). I work out and compete because I love it, so I have that internal drive and motivation that keeps pushing me. I also have great trainers – Cliff and Katie Wilson of Team Wilson, who encourage me along the way and a wonderful husband.

What Does Your Workout Look Like?

Currently I am doing the GVOT program (German Volume Overload Training).

GVT Upper Body
GVT Lower Body, Abs and 10 Minutes HIIT Cardio
Rest Day
Back, Traps and Delts
Chest, Triceps and Biceps
Legs and Abs plus 10 Minutes HIIT Cardio
Rest Day

What Sort Of Rep Range Do You Use?

On Days 1 & 2 (Volume Training) I perform 8-10 sets of 10 reps These days build muscle by stimulating a group of motor units that would normally receive only minimal stimulation. This is accomplished by many sets of one exercise performed with a full range of motion. Days 4-6 (Overload Days) I perform 1-3 sets of 4-6 reps These days are used to get stronger and break personal records. Overload days will lead to large amounts of strength and size over time.

 Interview With IFPA Pro Competitor Kerri Bolen

Free Weights Vs Machines What Do You Feel Are The Pros & Cons and Which Do You Prefer?

I prefer using free weights – it forces you to use more coordination and balance, and more muscle groups are recruited. However, sometimes I don’t have a spotter so safety is an issue.

Machines have their place, also. Machines are a lot safer to use and provide proper alignment. The down side to using machines is they don’t promote full-body stabilization and fewer muscle groups are used in comparison to free weights.

What Mistakes Did You Make When You First Started As A Newbie?

I guess I made a lot of mistakes starting out – the main one being diet, though. When I competed in my first bodybuilding show, I compiled my own diet and I didn’t really know what I was doing. Even though I didn’t come in as ripped as I would have liked, I still placed 6th in a pretty big show!

How Often Do You Perform Cardio?

Right now I am only performing two 10 minutes sessions of High Intensity Interval Training per week, which I love! When I am getting ready for a competition, I usually do a mixture of HIIT and MISS (Moderate Intensity Steady State), some form every day.

Which Do You Prefer and Why… Steady State Cardio Or HITT Cardio?

I prefer HIIT because it burns more fat and wastes less muscle tissue. Also, it doesn’t take nearly as long! lol

What Does Your Diet Look Like?

I typically eat 5-6 meals a day.

Meal 1:
Egg Beaters
Green Veggies
Cheerios and Skim Milk
Flax Oil
Meal 2:
Baked Chicken
Green Veggies
Olive oil
Meal 3:
Sweet Potato
Meal 4:
Whey protein
Meal 5:
Chicken or Turkey
Sweet Potato
Green Veggies
Meal 6:
Flax Oil

What Do You Find Gives The Best Results When You Are Cutting?

Yohimbine HCI works great for me when I am trying to get lean for a show.

How Do You Deal With Cravings?

Most of the time I do okay with cravings, but if there is something I really want, I just simply work it into my macros.

What Activities and Hobbies Do You Enjoy When You Are Away From The Gym?

I enjoy spending time with my family at the lake or just relaxing. My husband plays the guitar and I sing at church for special occasions.

 Interview With IFPA Pro Competitor Kerri Bolen

What Are Your Favourite Supplements?

iForce Protean whey – Red Velvet Cake flavor – Great company brand, mixes great and the flavor is amazing!

MGN Pure Iso Whey – Peanut Butter flavor – I love peanut butter so this one is a favorite, too.

I have a whey protein shake and dextrose post workout. Whey protein hits your bloodstream quick and the fast digesting carbs to help replenish your glycogen stores.

Beverly UMP Casein – Cookies and Cream flavor – I have casein before bed because it is a slow digesting protein that feeds your muscles at night and I love to make Cookies and Cream “ice cream” out of it.

Hydramino BCAAs – I drink my BCAAs with a gallon of water every day. BCAAs are important for muscle repair, for one. The Hydramino mixes well and tastes great too!

Yohimbine HCI – This was my go to supplement for getting lean for my shows this year.

What Is Your Favorite Workout Music?

I like all kinds of music but Pink, Five Finger Death Punch and Katie Perry are a few that I like.

 Interview With IFPA Pro Competitor Kerri Bolen

What Is Your Greatest Achievement?

Placing second at my Pro debut in September and qualifying for the Yorton Cup.

What Is Your Favorite Quote?

It is God who arms me with strength, and makes my way perfect. Psalm 18:32

What Do You Love About Competing?

Well I like the stage, but my favorite part is just getting ready for a show. The time I spend in the gym lifting heavy and pushing myself is what I love the most.

What Are Your Plans For The Future?

Even though I qualified, I am not competing at the Yorton this year; I have some improvements I would like to make. I am working on putting on more muscle for next year and re-qualifying and competing at the Yorton Cup in 2013.

 Interview With IFPA Pro Competitor Kerri Bolen

Who Are Your Favorite Athletes, Bodybuilders and Fitness Models?

As far as ladies go, I would say Monica Brant, Jamie Eason and Cory Everson. My favorite male bodybuilder is Frank Zane.

If Someone Wants To Connect With You How Can You Be Contacted?

Facebook | Email

Thank you so much for the interview. I would also like to thank my husband, Gene, who is such a big support system to me and also my trainers, Cliff and Katie Wilson, who I am very lucky to have also.


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