About Muscle Talk With IFBB Pro Fitness Model Jodi Boam

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About Muscle Talk With IFBB Pro Fitness Model Jodi Boam

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About-Muscle.com interview Fitness Model Jodi Boam, an IFBB Fitness Pro who earned her pro card at the 2010 CBBF Nationals and since then has been dominating the stage and unsettling her competitors with impressive fitness routines

Interview with Jodi Boam
Name: Jodi Boam
E-mail: Click Here
Age: 25
Height: 5’2″
Weight: 109-112 pounds
Location: Hamilton, Ontario, CA
Experience: 5 years

Could You Tell Us A Bit About Yourself And How You Got Involved In Fitness?

As most already know, I started off as a competitive gymnast – being a part of the Canadian National team, until I retired at 17 years old. Once That specific training had ended, I quickly fell in love with weight training where I soon found Fitness as my new sport, having my first show at age 19. It was introduced to me by my best friends Rachel Davis and Dorian Hamilton, who guided me to hire Mindi O’brien as my first mentor/coach of Fitness. Basically the rest is history as I fell in love quickly and now find myself addicted to this lifestyle and high level of competition. Being competitive is in my blood, and believe I’ve truly found my calling.

What Helps You Stay Motivated?

Very common question I get, and basically I’ve come up with the conclusion that anything you absolutely love doing, the motivation and drive to continue each day is very easy and Natural! I don’t normally turn to ‘music’ or ‘pictures’ to constantly push myself harder – its more like I just love training, and that’s my motivation. Continue doing what I love and enjoy. If you’re constantly looking for outside sources to push you harder, then maybe its not something you REALLY love to do. A hobbie, and a passion are completely different, and having a passion for this sport is motivation in itself!

But on a second note, of course I watch Youtube videos, check out my competition (other fitness girls), look up new skills to learn, and blast my favourite songs just to get pumped and energized before training.

IFBB Pro Fitness Model Jodi Boam

What Does Your Workout Look Like?

Monday: Chest

Tuesday: Gymnastics, Shoulders

Wednesday: Gymnastics, Arms

Thursday: Plyo, Routine

Friday: Back

Saturday: Legs

Sunday: Day Off

What Sort Of Rep Range Do You Use?

Its almost always different! when trying to go heavier I normally aim for 3-4 reps with my max weight. Or when doing supersets, giant sets or dropsets I go anywhere from 10-25 reps. I like to constantly change my style and consistently shock the system. As for sets – Ill usually do a minimum of 4 sets per exercise.

What Mistakes Did You Make When You First Started As A Newbie?

I’ve made many mistakes over each show i’ve done! I am still learning a lot each year and after each show! Whether its “screwing up” my diet (too little calories, too much cardio, allowing cheat meals once a week…), or relying too heavily on others for tanning/hair/make-up, etc! Im still experimenting each show to see what works best for me – from style of training, to types of foods and calorie intake. I do still concider myself a “newbie” as Im still learner each and every show.

How Often Do You Perform Cardio?

Contest prep: 5-6 X fasted cardio a week at 35-45 mins
and 3-5X a week at night doing HIIT training.
Plus plyo, and routine practice.

Off season: Whenever I feel like it lol. But normally only once a day, and approx 3X a week.

IFBB Pro Fitness Model Jodi Boam

Which Do You Prefer and Why… Steady State Cardio Or HITT Cardio?

HIIT by far!!

me and steady state do not get along!! – I get extremely bored way too fast and 10 mins feels like a lifetime. I will usually do extreme high intensity intervals for 20-30 mins.

favourites: sprint at full speed on incline for 20 seconds, rest 45 seconds, repeat!

stairmaster – 150 steps per min for 1 mins, rest 1-2 mins, repeat!

Even my morning fasted cardio, I play with the incline, speeds, strides, or even do lunges and core, just to keep me interested for the 45 mins

What Are Your Personal Thoughts On Fasted Cardio?

I personally love doing morning fasted cardio. I do this 5-6 times a week during prep for 35-45 min. Of course I have my BCAA’s before and during. I find it wakes me up, kicks starts the metabolism, and preps me for the rest of my day! Even ‘off-season’ I will do fasted cardio on occasion.

IFBB Pro Fitness Model Jodi Boam

What Does Your Diet Look Like?

currently (from between 2-6 weeks out from contest)

180 grams Protein
80 grams Carbs
25 grams Fats

Do You Bulk and Cut Or Do You Stay Lean For The Whole Year Round?

A bit in between. My first 1-2 years competing, I bulked up much more than needed – approx 20-25lbs post contest. It was quite depressing actually and a much harder battle to get stage ready again once it came time.
the last 2 years Ive learned a better Off season lifestyle, and will not gain more than 10-12lbs post contest. I want to stay lean as possible, allowing me to jump on more opportunities throughout the year, and makes contest prep much easier!

I also strongly believe its more than possible to gain muscle mass while remaining lean! Many people believe bulking is the only way to gain mass – although it may happen a little quicker this way, your appearance year round is also important and more than possible to put on size while dieting. I have gained size and strength while leaning out each and every show!

What Do You Find Gives The Best Results When You Are Cutting?

Im still experimenting with what is best for me! But currently I enjoy starting my day with fasted cardio, do my weight training mid-day, and go for a 30 min HIIT session closer to bed time.

Also a huge factor in cutting is staying consistant – including with meal timing, weighing your foods, and just staying true and focused with your plan! No cheating (unless meal is deserved, lol) and no quitting!!

website: www.jodiboam.com e-mail: jodi.boam@hotmail.com Facebook: Jodi Boam Fanpage: Jodi Boam IFBB Fitness Pro

How Do You Deal With Cravings?

Most people know I DO take cheat days or cheat meals once a week or once every other week, depending on how my body has responded and changed! Looking forward to this day helps me, and I get everything I crave out of the way to help kick my butt in gear hard and strict again for the next 7-14 days before my next treat.

I am very focused and determined when Im on my diet and will never stray from the plan when not allowed. Instead of randomly sneaking Peanut butter, or handfuls of nuts, or give in to a mid-week treat like many others do (or like ive done my first years of training)… I prefer staying 100% on track and look forward to a day/meal out with friends and really enjoy myself… and feel quilt FREE! Its awesome, and works for ME!

Other tricks: lots of gum, flavoured waters, tastey spices, etc! Makes your diet meals taste great and you’ll be fine!

What Supplements Do You Use?

Sub Q
Agent M
Omega Oils
strongman multi Vitamins
Isolate Protein

IFBB Pro Fitness Model Jodi Boam

What Activities and Hobbies Do You Enjoy When You Are Away From The Gym?

On a day off, I will normally go for coffee with friends, or go see a movie…
Im actually having a hard time thinking of something else I love doing other than training and staying active – its definitely a passion of mine.

– Hiking, rock climbing, camping…

What Are Your Favourite Supplements?

Sub-Q fat burner – love the energy and enhances my mood! I always feel happy while taking Sub Q! Not to mention it actually works and gets me stage ready each show!

Chocolate Peanut butter flavourite protein – any brand really, but choose Isolates only.

Agent M, BCAA’s – really can’t live without it! I feel addicted lol, Its my BCAA of choice during each cardio session, and as my intra work-out drink, as I feel it gives great recovery and tastes awesome! (Agent M caps are great aswell!!)

Shut-eye – Gives me a greater deep sleep, and helps me wake up feeling more refreshed!

Fubar – How couldn’t it be a favourite?? You want to train insane… take Fubar! You need a mid day energy boost?? Take a fubar! You want to pull an All nighter during a cheat day?? – Take a FUBARRRR!!!

What 3 Exercises Have Contributed The Most To Building Your Physique?

1.Chin-ups of all kinds

2. Plyometrics – all types for power and speed in my routine, and maintain and gain better endurance. I find plyo also helps my conditioning for the stage aswell. Not to mention I really enjoy plyo days

3. Shoulder press – both with BB and DB’s. And both isolated movements and explosives (ie- push-press)

4. Flat bench Db chest press – because its my strongest body part, and strongest press! Always fun getting new PR’s!

I do also need to work hard on my legs to build larger glutes, make my hamstrings pop more, and create better separation in my quads! And if I could work on creating Abs that “pop”, then I would… along with exercises that could make me taller?? Lol. Meh, we all have our Strengths and weaknesses- Im just working to improve all around.

IFBB Pro Fitness Model Jodi Boam

What Is The Most Common Training Question People Ask You The Gym?

Its normally around the lines of them not seeing their results, or feeling bored or un-motivated to train. My answer and what I always do is have consistant changes every few weeks. Whether you change your training split – add a sport to the mix – try high reps rather than heavy low reps – etc!

When you get bored, or stop seeing results, your body is just craving a CHANGE!-

Switch things up and keep yourself interest!!

What Is Your Favorite Workout Music?

I currently have an ipod shuffle – but for the most part I don’t listen to music! Especially during cardio, I cannot listen to music – not too sure why though? lol

What Is Your Greatest Achievement?

Earning a spot at the Fitness Olympia within my first year as a pro!

What Do You Love About Competing?

The adrenaline rush. All the nerves, the stress, the hard work, discipline, etc – just all feels sooo worth it once the day comes and Im presented onstage. I get extremely nervous and stressed right before walking out on stage – but once Im there, for both routine and physique round, it all feels so natural and fun! I love what I do.
What Are Your Plans For The Future?

up next: Toronto Pro supershow June 1st.

Then: Off to the Olympia 2012

My plans for the Future will always consist of the drive and hope to be on the “O” stage each year, and gradually make my way to the top.

If Someone Wants To Connect With You How Can You Be Contacted?

website: www.jodiboam.com

e-mail: jodi.boam@hotmail.com

Facebook: Jodi Boam

Fanpage: Jodi Boam IFBB Fitness Pro


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