Interview With NPC Physique Competitor Melih Cologlu

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Interview With NPC Physique Competitor Melih Cologlu

[getsocial app=sharing_bar] talk with shredded NPC Physique Competitor Melih F. Cologlu, high school lead him to weight training and is physique competitor sponsored by Team GRENADE

Interview With NPC Physique Competitor Melih Cologlu
Name: Melih F Cologlu
E-mail: Click Here
Age: 30
Height: 6’3″
Weight: 209-229 Pounds
Location: Boynton Beach, FL
Experience: 3 Years Competing

Could You Tell Us A Bit About Yourself And How You Got Involved In Fitness?

I started training from a young age through sports in middle school and high school which led me to weight training and finally to pursue a career in health and fitness industry.

I competed in NCAA division 1 sports in college for USC and St.Francis college. Competed in swimming and waterpolo (basically football in the pool), a big time contact sport. The sport specific training had a weightlifting program as well which I loved doing more than the actual sport themselves. After college I met my beautiful wife and we started our personal training business. I have been very busy for the past 8 years building a good clientele. And the past 2 years I got into competing. Competing is a complete different animal, cooking meals for the day and training twice as hard, making sure I do everything that I can so that I dont look back and wonder if I could have done better.

 Interview With NPC Physique Competitor Melih Cologlu

What Helps You Stay Motivated?

I am very driven by the thought of improving everyday and getting one step closer to my goals. Right now, I am extremely motivated by My new Sponsor GRENADE THERMO DETONATOR and the idea of representing the brand with the rest of the great grenade athletes. Also, my wife Ashley is a 100 percent behind me with achieving all my goals. She helps me through the workouts and food prep. One of the biggest motivating factors is setting short term goals and this allows me to stay on track!

What Does Your Workout Look Like?

I am at the end of the Precision bulking 5×2 program. This is an extremely effective program that allows you to constantly trick your body into new growth. Soon I will be starting the Precision Cutting Cycle. To learn about my new system visit:

I strongly believe in a 10 day split. With this 10 day split I train each body part 2 times every 10 days. I found that this works great for me as far as proper recovery and taking the times to work on my weaknesses goes. One interesting factor to my workout is that I pair chest and back, biceps and triceps, quads and hams together. It was difficult in the beginning but once I got used to it, the results came fast. I train everyday through these 10 days however every 5th day is abs, obliques, and cardio ( I consider the ab/cardio days my off days). Now that I will be starting the Precision Cutting Cycle which is designed to lift heavy safely even through the lower calorie days of dieting.

 Interview With NPC Physique Competitor Melih Cologlu

Here is an example.

Chest and Back
Biceps and Triceps
Shoulders and Traps
Abs, Obliques and cardio (HIIT)
Rest Day
Rest Day

Repeat the cycle again for the next 5 days, this time change the dominant muscle group.

How Often Do You Perform Cardio?

I do cardio twice every 10 days for 15 minutes each (HIIT) during bulking cycle. However during my bulking cycles I use a lot of muscle shocking systems such as giant sets and supersets which gets the heart rate up pretty good. Soon I will be starting my cutting cycle for the season and I will be doing HIIT every other day for 12-15 minutes. I find that this works for me very well and as I see my body chance and respond differently, I make the necessary adjustments to make sure progress keeps coming.

What Does Your Diet Look Like?

I will be starting dieting in a couple of weeks and this diet will consist of egg whites, reduced fat peanut butter, turkey, fish, chicken, protein powder, vegetables, and rice cakes. I stay away from red meat during dieting and try to add natural spices on my fish and etc. to keep it exciting.

I eat very high calories off season. As much as it is, my body type only responds to high calorie diets to add mass. I would not recommend this to everyone since different body types respond to different diets. Bulking cycle diet contains a lot of reduced fat peanut butter, thin crust wheat pizza, at least 30-40 ounces of white meat (fish, chicken, turkey, some red meat allowed), vegetables, total of 8 scoops of protein shakes taken periodically and 6-10 egg whites. I have created a balance with this bulking diet and you have to find out that balance for your own body type.

 Interview With NPC Physique Competitor Melih Cologlu

What Do You Find Gives The Best Results When You Are Cutting?

For cardio I follow HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) method. This is a proven system to burn more fat without losing hard earned muscle tissue. I use 2-1 ratio mostly and a total of 8-12 minutes. For example. 30 seconds fast run followed by 15 seconds slow walk until 8-12 minutes is complete. As for dieting, I follow PRECISION CUTTING 5×2 SYSTEM, to learn more about this e-mail me at This 10 week dieting program allows me to hold on to muscle while getting shredded. It is done in a gradual format in order to not starve muscle tissue.

What Supplements Do You Use?

I take BCAAs, protein powder, glutamine and some creatine as well as a new amazing fat burner (! I have recently started using GRENADE and high energy levels, no crashes and I feel an overall well being. I highly believe that supplement timing is extremely important. The 15-30 minute window post workout is extremely important for maximum absorption of the supplements by the body. Certain supplements must be taken right upon waking, pre and post workout as well as before going to sleep to avoid catabolic reactions.

What Are Your Favourite Supplements?

I have to say BCAA’s , Protein along with off course Grenade Fat burner. I must say that past couple of weeks that I have been combining grenade with my cardio sessions is allowing me to finish my bulking cycle with a much cleaner look, not allowing me to loose shape and letting me keep great definition.

What 3 Exercises Have Contributed The Most To Building Your Physique?

I know that hanging leg raises with added weight has been helping my abs to continuously progress with no limits.

But I would have to say DEADLIFTS, THE CHEST FLY, and DEEP FRONT SQUATS! At the end of each off season I test my strength gain by doing 1 RM to see how much stronger I have gotten. As many pros and amateurs would agree, in my opinion the deadlift exercise is a good overall indication of full body strength.

 Interview With NPC Physique Competitor Melih Cologlu

What Is The Most Common Training Question People Ask You The Gym?

Lately most people ask me about what it takes to achieve a natural well balanced lean physique and my answer to them is consistency, supplementation, sleep and nutrition working in sync. Also I find that a lot of people ask me about adding muscle mass while getting lean. My answer to them is, only very few genetic monsters are able to achieve these 2 goals at the same time.

For the rest, bulking up to add mass and cutting up to get shredded must be done separately. Muscle and Fat are two different tissues. While we gain muscle mass we must take in higher calories than we burn and some fat gain comes with this as well. Now, it is up to the bulking diet to make sure you are adding more muscle than fat and not the other way around.

What Is Your Greatest Achievement?

I won the 2011 Eastern USA Men’s Physique Champion which is the new addition to NPC. Shortly after this event I became a sponsored athlete of Team Monsta and I just picked up a sponsorship as the first US athlete with the Hottest Fat Burner in Europe (grenade) and available in July in USA with GNC and, Very excited to be a part of TEAM GRENADE and representing them at the Olympia expo.

What Is Your Favorite Quote?

“You Are Only Limited With Your Thoughts Not Your ABILITIES”

What Do You Love About Competing?

Competing requires discipline and dedication. There is no other feeling like stepping on stage with the confidence that is brought by all the hard training sessions that you have done.

 Interview With NPC Physique Competitor Melih Cologlu

What Are Your Plans For The Future?

Right now, I have my eye on a couple of shows September-November and it depends on how I feel very close to the show and make my decision from there.

If Someone Wants To Connect With You How Can You Be Contacted?

If anyone would like to contact me at:


Facebook: Melih F. Cologlu




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