Kelley Horner Shed An Amazing 26 pounds!

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Kelley Horner Shed An Amazing 26 pounds!

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This Weeks Transformation of the week is Kelley Horner who shed an impressive 26 pounds. Read our interview with her to find how she trained and ate for success!

Kelley Horner Shed An Amazing 26 pounds!
Age: 37
Weight: 146 pounds
Kelley Horner Shed An Amazing 26 pounds!
Age: 39
Weight: 120 pounds

Name: Kelley Horner

What Made You Turn Your Life Around?

I thought that I had been somewhat of a healthy eater for the past 15 years or so. I quickly learned that I had it all wrong. As far as exercise goes, I had always been afraid of and intimidated by the gym, and the people in it. Also, just as a lot of other women who put their family’s needs before their own, I kind of lost myself somewhere along the way. I had been going through some extremely difficult times in my life and was desperately looking for something to fill a void. Something that brought me pleasure empowered me and most of all, that something that belonged to me and only me!

My journey started with a decision to run a half marathon, and that was all it took for me! I started my training and loved the way I was feeling. The moment I crossed the finish line, I was setting my next goal. I eventually tackled cross fit and proved to myself through the strenuous workouts that maybe I do have it in me to conquer anything I put my mind to. This powerful feeling was a feeling that I hadn’t felt in quite sometime. It was my husband who convinced me to start training for a fitness competition. At first I thought, how is this 38 year old mother of 2 going to get herself in this kind of physical shape to step on a stage and compete? I toyed with this idea for several months and then finally took that leap.

In October 2012, I competed in my very first figure competition. Just 7 short months later, I competed for a second time and placed 1st in Master Figure and 5th in Figure A. This journey has been incredible so far and I cannot wait to see what tomorrow holds. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve hurt, I’ve sacrificed, and have been discouraged. I have learned so much about myself and I now live with a more positive outlook on life. my body, mind and spirit have come together to become healthier It’s crazy how you find that strength deep inside to keep going when it gets tough. It’s a fire that burns way down inside of everyone. We all have it; we just have to allow ourselves to go there.

 Kelley Horner Shed An Amazing 26 pounds!

How Did You Do It?

In June 2012, I started training regularly with Courtney West, Greg Corriere and James Gerland. With their guidance, and the expertise of Nutritionist Chase Banks, I was on my way to achieving my fitness goals. Dr. Banks designed a plan that was tailored just for me and my particular needs. He also helped me to realize that I was not eating enough food everyday. This was the reason I was seeing little to no change in my physique in the past. I began prepping my food 6 meals per day for 3 days at a time and this helped me stay on track.

What Helped You Stay Motivated?

Staying motivated was pretty easy when you have an incredible support team of family, friends and coaches. I also started receiving emails, FB messages and txt messages from people that I know, telling me that I was an inspiration to them. Hearing this is wonderful and keeps me motivated.

Were There Any Unique Challenges That Made Your Transformation Difficult?

Being a working mother of 2 school age children is challenging on its own. I work 3 nights per week, till about 4am, so occasionally, I was not able to get all of my meals in. Also, I run on 6-8 hrs of sleep in a 72 hour period. The lack or rest made it somewhat difficult to get quality workouts in. The only thing to do is persevere, push through and do the very best that you can.

What Does Your Training Plan Look Like?

Arms, Abs and Cardio
Back, Shoulders and Cardio
Glutes, Hamstrings and Cardio
Rest Day

What Does Your Nutrition Plan Look Like?

Learning how to eat a healthy and balanced diet was my main goal. I eat ever 2-3 hours, this keeps my metabolism going.

Cream of Rice
4 Eggs – Boiled Egg White Only
Grapefruit – Pink
Almond Milk Unsweetened
AM Snack:
Sunflower Butter
1 Medium Apple With Peel
Medium Garden Salad with Tomato and Onion
Chicken Breast – White Meat Only
Olive Oil
Balsamic Vinegarr
PM Snack:
Baked Tilapia
Bell Pepper
Turkey Meatloaf Muffins
Steamed Green Beans
Baked Red Potato
PM Snack:
Blend all together for smoothie
1/2 Banana
Blueberries, raw
Yogurt Greek 0%
Coconut Milk – unsweetened

Did You Allow Yourself Cheat Meals?

Absolutely, 1-2 sensible cheats per week

 Kelley Horner Shed An Amazing 26 pounds!

What Supplements Did You Use?

Through The Day:
CTD Omega thin
Ultimate Omega
Bluebonnet women’s choice multi vitamin
Digestive enzymes
L Carnitine
BiPro whey protein
Tri-pep unflavored BCAA’s

What Is Your Lifestyle Like Now?

I, along with my husband and my children, continue to practice a healthy and active lifestyle. I bring my children to the grocery stores and teach them how to read the labels. Educating them on what is good for them and what is junk is so very important. We also have “family track day”, where we all go do a track workout together. All of us being active together and a little bit of family competition is a great way to spend the afternoon!

 Kelley Horner Shed An Amazing 26 pounds!

Any Suggestions For Others?

My advice to others would be to find a plan and stick to it! Be patient, have faith in yourself and trust in what you are doing, you will achieve what you set out to achieve.


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