Can Drinking Green Tea Help You Lose Weight?

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Can Drinking Green Tea Help You Lose Weight?

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Green Tea is well known for having many health benefits, but are they true and can you really lose weight from drinking it.

In terms of losing weight and getting into shape the number one drink people are used to consuming has to be protein shakes and other supplements. But right next to that has to be green tea. The reason that green tea has become so popular in recent years to help people lose weight is because it is rather cheap to get started on it. The demand for the product has become so high in fact that you will often see various different products that are flavored with green tea, even things like ice cream and chocolate bars.

But the most important question is does green tea actually help you lose weight? Often times we just follow the latest trend without even trying to question whether or not the product does what it is supposed to be doing. But you will be glad to know that green tea isn’t at all a fad and in actual fact has a lot of different health benefits that are associated with it. I will now go through all the best benefits that you will experience from drinking green tea on a regular basis.

Where Does Green Tea Come From?

Green tea is actually gained from a plant that goes by the name of Camellia Sinesis. In fact this is the same plant where people get black tea from. You may be surprised to learn that black and green tea come from the same plant but the effects on us couldn’t be more different. The reason why green tea is a lot more beneficial to our bodies than black tea is because it is less processed. But are the benefits enough to warrant drinking green tea regularly? In comparison to most of the other teas out there, green tea is processed a lot less and therefore many of the health and particularly weight loss benefits remain intact. This is another reason why you should avoid all those products that claim to contain green tea in them.

The reason being is they are most likely processed and therefore you will not experience the same kind of benefits you would if you just drank the tea itself.

What Does Green Tea Actually Do?

Well, those of you that are smart will probably be asking the question wanting to know how green tea actually aids in a person losing weight. There are many factors that make green tea such an effective tool to help you lose weight and get into better health. One of the most notable characteristics of it are, that it has a soothing effect on the body and helps to relieve any stress you may be experiencing. At the same time you will lose the fat that has been built up due to you being stressed out. Green tea also contains moderate amounts of caffeine which help your body battle fatigue in a beneficial way.

So you’re better off getting rid of those sugar laden energy drinks and cups of coffee and instead drinking cups of green tea. You will be as energetic and will not experience the crash that is associated with energy drinks and coffee. The likelihood of you experiencing blood pressure or an increase in cholesterol are much higher if you happen to be overweight. If you get on a solid diet and exercise routine and on top of that drink green tea on a regular basis then you will find that your chances of getting blood pressure and high cholesterol will be significantly reduced which will ultimately lead to you losing weight and becoming a healthier person as a whole.

There have been many research studies that have been carried out which suggest that green tea also helps to convert a lot of the fat you find on the abdominal area into energy that your body can use.

Green tea is promoted as being one of the best things a person can drink and include as part of their diet to lose weight. But other great benefits include a person being able to focus better and therefore be a lot more productive. This will inevitably help you stay motivated and remain on track to achieving your long term weight loss and health goals.

How Often Should You Drink Green Tea?

If you’re serious about seeing fast benefits then I’d encourage each and every one of you to drink two to three cups of green tea every single day. Start slowly if you are not used to drinking the tea. If you are a heavy coffee drinker then work to replacing one of those cups a day with a cup of green tea. Then slowly work your way up to two then three cups a day. You will begin to see significant weight loss benefits the more you drink.

Will Green Tea Actually Help You Lose Weight?

Believe me there have been countless research studies that have been carried out which prove that green tea helps your body burn a lot more fat. But you need to keep in mind that simply drinking three cups alone will not help you get into the best shape of your life. You need to think of the tea as a boost on your efforts with diet and exercise. The tea will aid you in not eating as much as you are used to eating while giving you the energy to engage in your exercise and workout routines.

There are so many health benefits to drinking green tea that you will end up feeling a lot better and more alive as a result. So in the end of the day you need to make sure that your diet and exercise routine are perfect. Then add green tea on top of that, keep this up and you will lose a lot of weight in no time at all.

Make sure that you are consuming a lot of healthy, nutritious and organic foods. Things like vegetables and lean meats should be the bulk of your diet. Avoid all processed and junk foods. Trust me there is nothing like seeing the results of your efforts on a weekly basis. You will not only feel incredible but you will be proud that you have achieved the results down to the foods you have consumed. So ultimately if you want to see fantastic weight loss results then I’d encourage you to start drinking green tea.


This is a guest post from Thomas Mullet, a complete health nut who loves helping people get into best health posibble. He writes about the renal diet.


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