Mission 5000: The Get Fit Plus Movement

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Mission 5000: The Get Fit Plus Movement

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We have found people vainly following diet plans and exercise routines without listening to their bodies. Every person’s body is designed differently and therefore they cannot unanimously react in the same way to similar exercise routine and eating patterns. Just like the car which requires fine tuning in once a while to function properly, your body too needs to get tuned in order to ensure that you remain fit and healthy.

Get Fit Plus has started a movement called “Mission 5000” which is 4 week nutrition and wellness program that helps you to regain control and move towards your goal. This program is designed for all the people who are tired of their lethargic lifestyle and looking for a solution to get fit and healthy.

Get Fit Plus believes in making this a lifestyle change and helping people to live a quality life. Therefore, they have specifically outlined their program to target those people who are willing to see the defined results. This 4 week accountability based nutrition and wellness program will enforce people to listen to their bodies and fine tune their eating habits in accordance.

The Mission 5000, movement is different from other programs because it simply cuts through the excess  diet plans and exercise routines, and make it manageable which will help you to stay focused and make progress. The creators Lindsay and Justin have been helping the people for the past 7 years and therefore they have devised an easy follow meal plan that anyone can pursue and see the results. Moreover, you will not feel isolated in your efforts and we bring you a community who will constantly motivate you to reach towards your goals. You will also have access to the coaches around you who will guide you on every step.

This program will help you in many ways. We have designed a 4 week Nutrition Plan, which will deviate you from counting calories and make you learn to listen to your bodies. This program does not focus on the quantity of the food intake rather on the quality. To boost your confidence and to establish a strong mindset for achieving goals, we have deigned Healthy Happy Life Guide tool which will also strive for your happiness. The program also includes exercise and techniques which you can easily incorporate into your life.

We have created another tool in our program to help you to check your progress each day and be productive by creating a Private Facebook Group. This close knit community will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and take advantage of the positive energy among the members.

Visit www.mission5000.com to be apart of the movement!

People who are looking for a structured plan to lose weight, learn proper eating, increase their energy levels and feel more confident must immediately subscribe to our 4 week Nutrition and Wellness Program. This cost effective 4 week program is just $49 and you will get numerous benefits in return such as tested eating plan and exclusive membership to our community which will track your progress and motivate you towards your goal.  Your health is worth the $49 investment.

This was a program that was created out of passion.  A passion to make a positive impact on people.  It is an empowering experience to regain control of your life and that is what the Mission 5,000 will do!


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