8 Mental Tricks For Insane Muscle Gain

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8 Mental Tricks For Insane Muscle Gain

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Achieving insane muscle gain is not an easy task. If you really want to achieve insane muscle gain, it’s critical to test your personal limits.

This is one of the biggest reasons why most people don’t see the insane muscle gain they desire; they just plain don’t train hard enough. Why don’t they? There is a reason for it.

It causes pain. It’s not comfortable. It takes everything out of you.

Work through it my friend, because the only way to achieve insane muscle gain is to move past that natural pain and learn to deal with it.

Luckily there do exist some “Jedi mind tricks” you can use on yourself to push past those mental barriers that make you focus on pain instead of insane muscle gain. Consider the following suggestions and you will be happy with the progress you’ll make.


Life-Threatening Situations

When you get to the end of your set, start thinking about a crazy situation where it’s life or death for you to lift a heavy weight off someone and save their life. Example? During a set of chin-ups envision yourself hanging off of a cliff and that you must pull your body up to prevent yourself from falling.
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Magnetic Force

Opposites attract think of your weights as magnets being attracted in the opposite direction. Use the magnet theory in your bench press by picturing a powerful magnet on the ceiling.


Envision Your Muscles

When you’re at the gym, you need to break down those muscle fibers to get your body to respond. While you’re in the middle of a set, picture what is happening to the inside of your muscle tissue and how the fibers are responding. Imagine your muscle fibers being broken down and filled with blood and nutrients, and realize that this is exactly what will help to create insane muscle gain.


Have Someone Watch You

We’re not talking safety; we’re talking an audience. It’s natural to want to show off what you can do for someone else.


Positive/Negative Force

Pushing exercises can be improved by imagining that you’re moving something bad away from yourself. Pick anything for this, including bad feelings, a person you loathe or some kind of material object. When you do pulling exercises, visualize that you are pulling in something positive. Consider pulling in money, a positive emotion or a person you are crazy about.


Set Ridiculous Goals

If you were planning to perform 5 reps on the next set, aim for 100 instead. Truly believe you have to do 100 reps. When you start to lift, convince yourself you will not stop until you reach 100 reps.


Close Your Eyes

Only apply this if the exercise is basic and easy to perform. For example, avoid squatting or deadlifting with this technique. During simple exercises, keep your eyes closed. This way you’ll have no distractions and will only focus on the actual task at hand.
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Pretend It’s Someone Else’s Pain

Push yourself to muscular failure (or at least very close to it) is a must if you really want to achieve insane muscle gain. When you’re about to hit failure, imagine that your pain belongs to someone you hate. The more intense you get, the more pain they receive. Maybe it seems mean, but if it helps keep you motivated then I’d encourage you to try it out.


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