Cheaters Always Prosper: The Official Guide to Dietary Cheating!

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Cheaters Always Prosper: The Official Guide to Dietary Cheating!

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Team Scivation discuss dietary cheating and if you are going to cheat when to cheat, when not to cheat and how much you can cheat!

Since publishing Game Over The Final Showtime Cut Diet You’ll Ever Need, we have been bombarded with emails and comments. The one most frequently asked question is how and when it is okay to deviate from the plan. The answer for this is simple Never! If following the Cut Diet, you should not cheat and if you do cheat, it better not be often. If you do happen to cheat, don’t cry to us that your results aren’t optimal. The bottom line is that the Cut Diet relies on getting the body primed and in the zone. Cheats throw this off. But what if following more of a lifestyle type Cut Diet where you taper carbs throughout the day or even bulking? These are situations where cheating is acceptable and downright yummy. If you like eating pie and being lean at the same time read on and find out how you can cheat and win!

How Much Can I Cheat?

Let’s set forth some guidelines. While it is okay to have the occasional Thanksgiving-like feast where you eat until your pants don’t fit and your feet are swollen, we do not recommend doing this on a weekly basis. Thus, when following the aforementioned diets, we recommend two to three cheat meals per week with calories at around 150% of your normal meal. Meaning that if a normal meal for you yields 500 calories, you will want the cheat to be around 750 calories. But how do you count cheat calories? You don’t. It is all about moderation and approximating the total. In essence, eat until you are full yet not stuffed.

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What Can I Eat For My Cheat Meal?

We recommend making healthy choices, but the beauty of a cheat meal is that you can cave in to those cravings! If you feel like a piece of pie, get a nice slice of Pecan Pie.

If you feel like cheese, buy some Gouda! Just try to control yourself and not eat the whole pie or an entire cheese wheel. The beauty is that you can kiss those protein to carb to fat ratios goodbye for this meal. Enjoy the freedom!

Why Am I Always Bloated After Cheat Meals?

You are bloated because you ate a lot of food and probably knocked back a few Diet Cokes as well! To alleviate some of the bloat, limit fluid intake around the cheat meal. However, since the bloat will subside in 72 hours or so, just enjoy the meal and deal with it unless of course, you have to take your shirt off in the upcoming days!

What Should I Eat Before A Cheat Meal?

Just eat you regularly scheduled meals and then roll into the cheat meal as a replacement for one of your scheduled meals.

What About After The Cheat? Should I Not Eat?

Eat your next scheduled meal after the cheat meal. If too full to do this, simply skip the meal (try not to do this) or eat a portion of your next scheduled meal.

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What About After That?

If you feel you went overboard on the cheat meal, then add five to ten minutes of cardio to the next two to three cardio sessions. If the day after the cheat meal is an off day from weight training, you can go to the gym on the off day for 20 to 30 minutes of cardio.

Although we put a lot of effort into looking the way we do, it is always nice to be able to be “normal” once in a while. Unless you are on a Showtime Cut Diet and cheating is not an option, live a little! Take your spouse or date out to Red Lobster and eat up some shrimp! Heck, get some oysters and get your freak on! Bodybuilding and the physique enthusiast lifestyle is all about balance, consistency and longevity. So do what Scivation recommends, put down that food scale once in a while and live life!


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