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Why Quick Bodybuilding Plans Don’t Work!

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Why Quick Bodybuilding Plans Don’t Work!

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Joyce G. DR and Princss Galsim Discuss Why You Won’t Get The Body You Want Through Quick and Easy Bodybuilding Regimens.

Any time you pick up a bodybuilding or fitness magazine at a grocery store checkout line, they usually have the same tag line: build a body that looks like a pro athlete in no time at all. Getting in better shape can be done relatively quickly, but the ideal washboard abs and defined limbs require a lot more work than most people realize.  In order to get the desired body there are two necessary elements: burning off fat and building up muscle, both of which necessitate two different approaches to eating and exercising. While both can be done in tandem, you will have much better results at one or the other. Remember that no matter how large your muscles are, they will not look very impressive behind a spare tire and love handles.

Burning fat off from your body’s reserves seems complicated and stressful, especially for people who have struggled to lose weight in the past. There are no secrets or shortcuts to losing body fat, but only one iron rule: if you burn more calories than you eat, you will lose body fat.  Metabolism, carb diets, and other buzzwords do not factor into the equation. The math is simple, but it is much harder to put into action than it is to write it down. The average American eats more calories each day than they burn off, usually around a hundred or so, given a mostly unhealthy diet and a sedentary lifestyle. To tip the scales in your favor, you need to subtract calories or add exercise time, or both.

Somanobolic Muscle MaximizerOn the exercise scale of burning fat, the most efficient way to draw upon your body’s supply of fat energy is to get your heart rate up to its maximum and keep it there for as long as possible. When your heart rate has peaked, you burn as much as six hundred calories per hour (about the equivalent of a Big Mac’s worth of calories). You can use a heart rate monitor to determine when you are in that fat-burning zone, but as long as you feel the exertion, you are doing fine. Cardiovascular exercises include running, biking, and swimming. No weights are necessary, though they can be incorporated.  Elliptical, spinning machines and treadmills are all excellent ways to get your cardio rate up. Cardio can be done every day for as long as you feel comfortable with it; the more you do the more weight you lose. A good workout should be at least half an hour each day. Minimize your calorie intake but do not skimp on vegetables, fruits, complex carbs, and lean proteins.

Once your body fat is low enough that muscles are visible, it is time to work on bulking up to get those shredded shoulders. While burning body fat can be done relatively quickly, (it is healthy to burn a pound or two of fat per week) it takes much longer to put on muscle. Muscle mass creation takes about a month for a single pound of muscle, so do not expect quick results. The good news, however, is that weight-lifting workouts only need to be done every other day, as you need to give your body time to rest. If you want to work out each day, do upper-body lifting one day and lower-body the next. Consume lots of protein, around one gram for each pound you weigh each day.


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