The Differences Between Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Depression

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The Differences Between Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Depression

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Have you been feeling extreme tiredness? You could be suffering from Chronic Fatique or maybe even Depression. Learn More.

Dealing with any sort of condition or disease is stressful, and individuals who suffer from them know this the most. However, one of the other problems is that it can be hard to tell what exactly you have. Of course, being diagnosed by a professional is a must. Still though, you may want to know the differences between chronic fatigue syndrome and depression.

Role Reversals

One of the reasons that it’s so difficult to determine whether you have chronic fatigue syndrome or depression is because each can be a symptom of the other. For example, people who are suffering from depression might feel fatigued and very tired from time to time. On the other hand, depression can actually be a sign that a person has chronic fatigue. Again, it’s so important to see a doctor to figure out what you really have.

Physical vs. Mental

Now, it’s important to remember that both of these conditions can have both physical and mental problems associated with them. Depression does tend to be more mental, and chronic fatigue syndrome does tend to be more physical. With depression, individuals often feel as though they cannot go on, and they are always said. When people are suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, they are so tired that they physically feel as though they might not make it through the day. Please realize that chronic fatigue syndrome is generally classified as a mental disorder.

The Causes

It’s difficult to talk about any condition without mentioning the causes. When it comes to these two conditions, it’s even harder because the causes are so wide and varied, and many consider them to be unknown. Some do believe that chronic fatigue syndrome comes into fruition after a period of sickness, but so many other factors could cause it to manifest as well. Depression can be due to an imbalance of certain chemicals in the brain. Furthermore, it can have to do with a person’s ability to deal with certain circumstances in life.

The Treatment

If you think you’re suffering from one of these conditions, you hopefully want to know how you can be helped. Interestingly, therapy is often used to treat both chronic fatigue syndrome and depression. Through a series of therapy sessions, people are often able to determine what is causing their ailment and how they can address the symptoms in a more positive manner. However, the types of therapy used are going to be different. Medications might also be necessary. Remember, the exact type of therapy and medications that are utilized for treatment are going to vary not only based on the exact condition but also on the individual person.

These two conditions do share a number of factors; they are both mental, and they cause a sense of extreme tiredness, whether it be in the mind or body. They are so different though in a number of ways. Therefore, it is extremely important to meet with a doctor to find out from what exactly you are suffering.


This is a guest post from Pam Johnson, A nurse in the psychiatric ward of her hospital. She obtained her degree from one of the Top 10 Online BSN Programs


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