Body Transformation: Brandi Wisom Shed 19% Bodyfat!

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Body Transformation: Brandi Wisom Shed 19% Bodyfat!

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Brandi Wisdom shed an amazing 35 pounds and dropped her bodyfat by 19%. Read to learn more about her body transformation and the diet and training plan she used for success!

Brandi Wisdom Transformation Start
Age: 34
Weight: 154 pounds
Bodyfat: 38%
Brandi Wisdom Transformation End
Age: 34
Weight: 119 pounds
Bodyfat: 19%

What Made You Turn Your Life Around?

When you are overweight, there comes a time when you say “enough is enough.” My defining moment came to me after being seeing (and being inspired) by another transformation from Hitch Fit. I saw a girl’s before/after pictures, and thought to myself – this has to happen to me NOW! I was so tired of looking in the mirror and not being happy with what I saw. It was also so depressing having to by large shirts and jeans every time I went shopping. But most importantly, I was missing out on important activities with my son (such as taking him swimming) because I was too embarrassed to put on a swimming suit. My lack of activity with him was a horrible excuse, and selfish. That was the last straw.

Body Transformation: Brandi Wisom Shed 19% Bodyfat!

How Did You Do It?

I was fortunate enough to seek help with Micah LaCerte, owner of Hitch Fit. Hitch Fit has amazing trainers and unique programs designed to help people lose weight and teach lifestyle changes. Micah broke me down mentally, and taught me how to love and believe in myself again. I became stronger on the inside, and then the outside started taking shape. I lost weight, became confident, and ultimately started inspiring other people along my own journey.

What Helped You Stay Motivated?

I stayed motivated by constantly visualizing what I would look like at the end of my transformation. I knew that if I continued to work hard, the results would be there. I was rewarded with having a better outcome than I could have ever imagined. Simply because I believed in myself and worked hard, I was able to inspire so many people around the world to change their lives as well.

Were There Any Unique Challenges That Made Your Transformation Difficult?

My biggest challenge was not knowing how to exercise, and the importance of strength training and cardio. I had never exercised in my life, so it was scary to even think I was capable of doing such an activity. I had a million worries: Would I pass out? Would I fall down running? Would other people in the gym make fun of me? The list was endless. I know that negative self-talk was because I was self-conscious. As I began to believe in myself and lose weight, those fears went away. By the end of my transformation, I was able to walk in the gym like I owned the place. That was a great feeling!

What Does Your Training Plan Look Like?

I trained with Micah, my personal trainer from Hitch Fit, 2 days a week. The other 5 days I trained on my own. My training included cardio and strength training. I ate healthy, frequent meals and felt like I had more energy than I had ever felt in my life.

Day 1:
Cardio and Abs
Day 2:
Cardio and Upper Body Strength Training
Day 3:
Cardio and Abs
Day 4:
Cardio and Lower Body Strength Training
Day 5:
Cardio, Abs and Biceps
Day 6:
Cardio and Upper Body
Day 7:
Cardio and Abs

What Does Your Nutrition Plan Look Like?

I ate healthy, frequent meals and felt like I had more energy than I had ever felt in my life.

Meal 1:
Egg Whites
16 oz. Water
Meal 2:
Protein Shake (Magnum Quattro)
1 Serving of Fruit
Meal 3:
1 Chicken Breast
Vegetables (Broccoli or Green Beans)
Brown Rice
16 oz. Water
Meal 4:
Rice Cake with Natural Peanut Butter
Sugar Free Jello
Meal 5:
Protein Shake (Magnum Quattro)
Meal 6:
Lean Meat (Chicken or Fish)
Vegetables (Broccoli)
16 oz. Water
Meal 7:
Egg Whites

Did You Allow Yourself Cheat Meals?

Not one time did I cheat on any food or drink. I can honestly say that I didn’t even have a little nibble of a cookie during my transformation. I went into my transformation knowing that I wanted change – and there isn’t one food out there that was worth eating to sabotage my ultimate happiness.

Body Transformation: Brandi Wisom Shed 19% Bodyfat!

What Supplements Did You Use?

Magnum Quattro Protein Powder – 1 ½ scoops Late
Magnum Quattro Protein Powder – 2 scoops

What Is Your Lifestyle Like Now?

My lifestyle hasn’t changed. It has been 2 years since my transformation took place. I continue to workout and eat healthy – that is when I feel the best. It would be unfair of me to not admit I do have “fun” foods from time to time, but my lifestyle now is more about looking and feeling the best I can – so those “fun” foods are minimal.

Body Transformation: Brandi Wisom Shed 19% Bodyfat!

Any Suggestions For Others?

Decide that this is something you want to do for yourself.  It starts with believing! Think about why you want to make this change, and then do it because of that reason.

My most important piece of advice is to never look in the mirror and say “I want to look like a bikini model.” You must look in the mirror and say “I want to be the best ME!”

More From Brandi Nicole Wisdom

It was an honor taking 3rd place in the Diva Bikini Model category at the WBFF Central Championships in May 2011. I never would have thought that could happen – but that is proof that when you put your mind to it, dreams do come true!

Find your goal. Your goal could be as simple as fitting into a pair of your favourite jeans again. That’s a big deal! What are you waiting on?!!? DO IT!!!


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