Body Transformation: Demetri Sintsirmas Gained 40 Pounds Of Lean Muscle!

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Body Transformation: Demetri Sintsirmas Gained 40 Pounds Of Lean Muscle!

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Demetri Sintsirmas hated being the skinny guy so he done his homework and learn what he needed to build muscle and get ripped

Demetri Sintsirmas Transformation Start
Age: 17
Weight: 138 pounds
Bodyfat: ?%
Demetri Sintsirmas Transformation End
Age: 20
Weight: 177 pounds
Bodyfat: 8%

What Made You Turn Your Life Around?

First things first – I alway’s somewhat saw myself being involved with fitness, or a sport, but never would I have dreamed I would fall in love with it like I did. Growing up I was always a really lean kid. Before I started lifting, during my junior year, I weighed in at 138 lbs (5’10). I was a distance track runner, played recreational basketball for my youth group, and never really had a chance to be exposed to weightlifting, nor did I know where to start.

I never saw myself as too self conscious, but I really did hate being referred to as the skinny kid, or being overlooked whenever things revolving lifting, athletics, or even moving furniture would come into play! It sounds silly now, but it got me to the point where I needed, in order for me to actually follow through with relinquishing the title of ‘skinny kid’.

I slowly started doing my homework, researching all sorts of workout routines, diets, supplementation, and any other key components in order for me to proceed as efficiently and accurately as possible. When I started I was actually limited to a cable resistance-band Bowflex for 2 or so months. It helped be build a base, and learn the motions. As I progressed with this notion, I later realized that in order for me to build the real size I wanted, I needed to find myself in a weight room.

Drifting from school gym, to my buddies’ basement gym, to eventually a fitness center (shotout to Vinny for driving us back and forth!) I finally was able to put my knowledge to the test. Once I started seeing the lean gains I so gravely sought after, I became addicted. I knew from that point forward, I couldn’t envision a life without it.

How Did You Do It?

By staying consistent and setting goals. Bodybuilding, powerlifting, and fitness as a whole is a sport heavily revolved around setting standards and attempting to meet them, or hopefully exceeding them. Coming from just a lean/slender state, there was always a need to at least be a ‘normal’ build for my age/height. Once I hit that state, I continued, hoping to eventually be better than normal. My perception, goals, and demeanor constantly evolved – making my progress constantly fun and challenging.

When I see a build that I want to achieve, I take things step by step, day by day. As humans, we can plan all we want, but the fact is we can only really take action on the present. This means being honest with your body as a whole, hitting each body part piece by piece, and just as passionate as the next. With this in mind, I focus meal by meal, work out by work out, and strive to reach the goals ahead. Consistency is how I did it, and if more people realized how important this concept really is, they’d be so much more content with their potential and progress.

 Body Transformation: Demetri Sintsirmas Gained 40 Pounds Of Lean Muscle!

What Helped You Stay Motivated?

By never being content, or settling. Every day when I wake up, I see something that needs work, a muscle that needs rounding, etc. By always striving to achieve perfect proportions, and an aesthetic physique (by ancient Grecian standards), I know that I won’t be able to give this sport up anytime soon. Especially when I’m as competitive as I am… I hate being limited, or not being able to achieve something when I know it’s perfectly within my confines. This, and a combination of hearing the people’s lives I have influenced, or motivated, makes me just as eager as when I started.

Were There Any Unique Challenges That Made Your Transformation Difficult?

Certainly. But with this in mind, it’s important to not let yourself slip up, and dismiss these due to things you cannot help due to these ‘challenges’. Starting at 17, I didn’t have my license till I was 18, making gym accessibility a problem. Eventually making things work through good friends, my next challenge ended up being battling my devilishly fast metabolism. It was important for me to keep in mind how important it was for me to eat enough, and take in enough protein to stress muscle growth and recovery. Aside from this, the daily situations of a young adult, including work, school, pressure to go out with friends when I could be doing something a bit more constructive… Challenges sure, but part of achieving something you are passionate about means sacrifice. With sacrifice comes rewards, and who doesn’t want to be rewarded for something they love?

What Does Your Training Plan Look Like?

I am a big advocate for volume training if you’re striving to alter your physique. Throughout the duration of my training, I’ve most likely been on a bodybuilding based split for about 90% of the time, and have seen steady clean results from it. Although your numbers won’t jump as quickly as being on a strength based split, I have also found steady increases in certain major lifts if you keep a meticulous attitude about improving form/weight every time.

Legs and Calves
Shoulders and Traps
Back and Biceps (emphasis on forearm work)
Chest and Triceps
Day Off
Day Off
Arms and Corey

What Does Your Nutrition Plan Look Like?

This would be my bulking diet, so don’t freak out because there is a cheeseburger within it!

Meal 1:
5 eggs scrambled
1 piece of whole grain toast with peanut butter
protein shake
Meal 2:
about a cup and a half, or 2 of pasta
chicken, turkey, or tuna
Meal 3:
1 cheeseburger or gyro
2 handfuls of sweet potato fries
Meal 4:
protein shake: with ½ cup of oats, 2 scoops of protein, 2 cups of milk, and one banana.
peanut butter and jelly sandwich
Meal 5:
12-14 .oz steak
2 cups of potatoes
serving size of spinach
Meal 6:
greek yogurt
1 apple

 Body Transformation: Demetri Sintsirmas Gained 40 Pounds Of Lean Muscle!

How Did You Deal With Your Cravings?

I never really enjoyed junk food too much to be honest. During my bulking phases, I have it a couple times a week to hit my caloric deficit for the day, but I much prefer to eat cleaner, wholesome foods. I never had issues with snacking on chips, sodas, etc. I’ve always recognized them as extra pointless baggage, and know I’ll feel more content, and fuller upon eating a legitimate meal.

Did You Make Any Mistakes With Your Nutrition Plan That You Learned From?

Not keeping somewhat of an eye on how my diet would look throughout the day. I was intaking no where near the amount of calories I should have been to reach the size I wanted. As I progressed with my lifting journey, I realized how much more important diet was than training. Although I love training 10/10 between the two, unfortunately dieting is the more important for reaching goals, whether they be strength, physique, or basic health goals. This, along with the common mistake of not splitting my muscles appropriately apart from training days. I would work biceps before back, and work chest/shoulders within a day apart (my shoulders tend to get pretty fatigued the day after chest day from bench press). I look at it more as trial and error, and fuel to eventually achieving the end result… If there even as one.

What Supplements Did You Use?

Supplements are great aids in the world of bodybuilding, but are nothing more than that. I’ve always tried to keep in mind that food is the ultimate source to get the fuel the body needs to grow, and supplements are more along the lines of tools to keep you pushing forward efficiently.

I’ve tried a wide range of supplements in the course of my 3 years of training, and have finally settled to some that work towards my desired goals. I keep it simple, and try not to rely on supplements anymore. Now I keep it simple, with a multi-vitamin every day, fish oils, protein powder, and a pre-workout. Any basic protein powder will do, I’ve learned to get over taste. and as for putting on weight, nothing is more efficient than a proper diet. You’ll also save a lot more money on your monthly bill as well!

 Body Transformation: Demetri Sintsirmas Gained 40 Pounds Of Lean Muscle!

What Is Your Lifestyle Like Now?

Pretty busy to say the least. I manage a restaurant, am a full time student, and a guy constantly striving to make a break in the fitness world. I try to maintain this balance, and realize if I’d like to achieve taking care of all of my priorities appropriately, I need to constantly be hungry to maintain them. With this in mind, I make sure I hit my caloric deficit day in and day out (working in a restaurant makes this fantastically easier), and making sure I tackle the gym 5 times a week. Even after a draining day of school or work, I not only look forward to my lift ahead, but rather yearn for it.

It essentially sets my mood for the rest of the day, knowing how tranquil I am when my body is attempting to persevere through its most strenuous state of my day (physically). But then again, it’s important to make ‘play time’ in your week as well. It’s ok to eat a cheat meal once and a while, just like it’s ok to grab a drinks with some friends as well. Like the saying goes, if one meal wont make you shredded, one meal certainly wont make you fat.

Who Are Your Favorite Bodybuilders, Athletes, Fitness Models And Idols?

I love this question, because not only does it outline the individual, but role models/ inspirations are very important in this sport. This type of motivation sets something for fitness enthusiasts, along with bodybuilders alike to aspire to. Builds that not only we want to achieve, but eventually surpass. As far as classical era bodybuilders, Frank Zane and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Both set off the craze for modern day bodybuilding, and set the bar for the ideal muscular proportions and aesthetic build.

Current generation bodybuilders would be Frank McGrath, Flex Wheeler, and a little Kai Greene would never hurt. As for fitness model, and my personal highest contributing motivation/influence I’d have to say Zyzz, bar none. Not only did he bring a completely shredded, and proportionate physique to the table, but he also had charisma. Although the builds like Arnold, or Frank, are the ideal, someone like Zyzz had a build more reasonable for someone who cannot incorporate bodybuilding based decisions to every aspect of their day. It is something not too bursting at the seems with musculature, and is still more than just a fit or athletic build. Also his ability to provide laughs. RIP bro, you’ve motivated me beyond belief, and more people than I think you’d ever imagine – and you set the bar for a lot of people. Cheers.

 Body Transformation: Demetri Sintsirmas Gained 40 Pounds Of Lean Muscle!

Any Suggestions For Others?

Always make sure that your body and mind are in sync. Any average person can get in the gym and through heavy weights around, but it takes a true professional to understand that your mind is what keeps you pushing forward. Like Arnold said, it’s the mind that envisions what the body’s final product will be! Make sure that not only for every muscle, but for every set, down to every rep, your body is completely focused on squeezing every bit of energy you can offer. Aside from obvious muscle fatigue, synchronizing your body and mind will – along with being consistent, will provide the best recipe for any goal.


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