Body Transformation: Javier Hernandez Shed 140 Pounds!

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Body Transformation: Javier Hernandez Shed 140 Pounds!

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After always being overweight and not having the money to join the gym, Javier Hernandez decided he would prove the his doubters wrong and went on to transformhs physique by dropping 140 pounds of fat!

Javier Hernandez Transformation Start
Age: 24
Weight: 310 pounds
Bodyfat: 32%
Javier Hernandez Transformation End
Age: 27
Weight: 170 pounds
Bodyfat: 11%

What Made You Turn Your Life Around?

For as long as I can remember, I have always been fat. Sad to say, I was the only fat one out of a family of ten. My brothers were all tough, built, and athletic while growing up, being in their shadows sucked.

Not to mention being poor. Growing up in rough neighborhoods while only having a mother and no father, playing outside wasn’t an option, nor was proper nutrition. Heck, my mom always told me I was healthy. Little did I know, she was wrong. School was super tough on me, gangsters bullied me, girls teased and used me, and I just hated being fat. Times got worse. We went homeless for two years. Do you know how tough it is for people to believe you’re poor and fat? I couldn’t buy regular clothes or shoes – I had to wear a sheet like a toga!

So I would literally cry to my guardian saint to make me thin. I had even considered at times doing drugs just to lose weight, it got that bad. That was until I met a girl who finally made me feel good about myself. As time progressed, I got a job and tried to love me for me. Well, that didn’t work out. The relationship went sour, my heart was broken and I felt completely stupid. I had never loved a person so much, only to be cheated on in a Burger King playground and made a fool.

Yeah, it sucked. This time I knew that I needed to just focus on me. Being fat wasn’t attractive, and being nice only got me crushed; having both at the same time… well I knew I was screwed. So with whatever money I had saved and decided that I was going to invest in me.

 Body Transformation: Javier Hernandez Shed 140 Pounds!

How Did You Do It?

I took classes on nutrition. I figured food was probably what was screwing me up. Then my logic of muscles burning fat came into play. I needed a gym membership, but couldn’t afford it. I did what I could and learned online and from magazines about home workouts.

I started jogging (kind of), did push-ups, sit-ups, and chin-ups (not so much), but I was still too fat. When I was able to save enough money, I joined Pure Fitness. Of course people were already placing bets to see how long it would take for me to fail thinking about how many join the gym in the begining of the year yet never last, and some trainers can be jerks! And from what I’ve learned, most don’t have a clue sometimes about workouts or nutrition let alone proper form. But, I didn’t have the money for one either so I continued doing what I could on my own. I ended up telling myself that as long as I was sweating and lifting, my muscles would do the rest.

A year later, and 120 pounds lost later, boy, did I laugh at that old trainer and the doctors who said it was too risky and not possible! I used to say I’d be happy at a certain weight, but once I reached it I asked myself, “Why stop here?” And I kept going. Plus, muscles were sexy in my eyes; I didn’t want to be just thin. i wanted to turn heads for once.

As time flew by, people would continue praising me for coming so far, but my reply was that I’m just getting started. Soon after, a friend had told me I could do bodybuilding with the mindset I have. I figured and always replied, who knows… maybe.

Well, maybe came. I met a man named Howie Fields who gave me great insight, tips and most of all knowledge about proper dieting. I found out he owned a company called Nobackfat Nutrition. I said, “Let’s do it!”.

I wanted to be someone more than just about losing weight, or just a simple transformation. I wanted to be a person who people could look up to. I went from obese to a beast (which isn’t too common)! I didn’t have money, support from friends, and I didn’t start in high school.

I wanted to assure people that so much can be accomplished. So I decided to shoot for a competition and dieting; cardio and lifting became my day. Dieting isn’t hard, it’s being around those that don’t – ugh, tough times! I ended up getting competition ready. However, the day of the show I found out my brother had passed away, so I didn’t compete. I still eat clean and still have fun in the gym, but I hit buffets once in a while and can still eat like the big boys!

What Helped You Stay Motivated?

What helped me stay motivated was allowing consequences… see some never know how bad something is until the consequences sink in. I usually wouldn’t allow me to go out or have no fun or no cheat meals… and then I always carried a picture of myself in my wallet as a reminder to never fall back… as results came in I noticed more and more results because of that picture. You never know how far you’ve come until you’re reminded of where you were.

Were There Any Unique Challenges That Made Your Transformation Difficult?

The only struggles I had was financing for supplements, trying to figure out fact from fiction when it came to workouts and diets… and most of all who can really be trusted on info, help of any kind… its like everyone just wants to rip you off.

 Body Transformation: Javier Hernandez Shed 140 Pounds!

What Was Your Approach To Training?

Well I knew that muscles burn fat and I needed to gain muscles so that they can put in work lol. I also knew gettin my heart rate up was important but I wasn’t really willing to just run… so I started to do circuit weight training.. which I now know is giant sets… toning, power and muscle growth was what came out of it lol. Now I know cardio plays a bigger role in losing weight and getting lean.

What Does Your Training Plan Look Like?

Day 1:
Biceps, Triceps and Cardio
Day 2:
Shoulders, Traps and Cardio
Day 3:
Legs and Cardio
Day 4:
Back and Cardio
Day 5:
Chest and Cardio
Day 6:
Cardio Only
Day 7:
Cardio Only

What Was Your Approach To Nutrition?

Well I knew junk foods was out the window lol… from what I learned about different proteins, carbs, fats and what I knew, the cleaner I ate the more effective it’ll be. I first started by counting calories based on what a normal person would eat and just adjusted it from there. Later on my good freind Howie helped me form a more balanced diet and made it easier to enjoy other foods too.

What Does Your Nutrition Plan Look Like?

Meal 1:
6 Egg Whites
1/2 Cup Of Oatmeal
2 .oz Berries
Meal 2:
Protein Shake
Piece of Fruit
Meal 3:
6 .oz Chicken
4 or 5 .oz Sweet Potatoes
2 Cups Of Veggies
Meal 4:
Protein Shake
¼ Cup Of Oatmeal
Meal 5:
7 to 8 .oz Lean Meat
4 to 5 .oz Sweet Potatoes
2 Cups Of Greens
Meal 6:
Casein Protein Shake
8 Egg Whites

Did You Allow Yourself Cheat Meals?

Hell yes I did lol, I find it very important to allow yourself to enjoy a cheat meal for your hardwork and to keep your cravings back. It keeps you focused longer with out over doing it.

What Supplements Did You Use?

Supplements I Use:

NoBackFat Profound Whey
Optimum Whey Protein
Optimum Multi-Vitamins
NoBackFat Amino H20
NoBackFat Brainiac Pre-Workout
Casein Protein
Udos Oil (sometimes)

What Is Your Lifestyle Like Now?

I’m still aiming high, hoping to get noticed and become someone that people can look up to… I know i’ll never be a pro because, well i’m way behind them lol and I cant be no model cuz that feild is tough as it is… but I stil train hard and work on improving myself and help my friends out more so they can feel the joy I felt and still feel… i’ve learned so much and will continue to learn.

 Body Transformation: Javier Hernandez Shed 140 Pounds!

Any Suggestions For Others?

All I can say is I have earned a lot of respect. I took that negativity from people telling me, “You can’t do it,” “You will fail,” “What is the point,” “No one cares,” and just showed them that not only could I do it, but I met and exceeded! Motivation is tough to find and tougher to keep. You don’t need money to better your health. You just have to want it that bad! There is no way to cheat your way to your goals; however, achieving them is very possible. Always remember that it starts with you, it’s meant for you and it ends with you! Whenever you feel stressed, sad, hurt, happy, energetic, or bored, the gym is perfect for you. You’ll meet people like yourself, learn a lot about your body, and have fun. I’ve been there, and literally cried wanting what many take for granted. I can say this though: being in better health as I get older, I know I am saving myself a lot of doctor visits and insuring my kids will have a daddy who can go out and play with them! If you’re not beasting, you’re just maintaining!

Thank You

I owe a big thanks to Howie at Nobackfat Nutrition for his help and also to the girl who broke my heart. Without you, I would have never had the angry drive to show you what you lost. By the way, I’m not angry anymore, I feel cute now, lol.

I always say, “Let’s get beasty” because I know the ones I see trying super hard in the gym, at sports, or just jogging are on a mission! I probably won’t be a model or super sexy icon; I just hope to be a role model and look good too. and if anyone wants to sponsor me im all ears lol.. A guy can dream!


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