Body Transformation: Joe Floria Gained 25 Pounds Of Muscle!

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Body Transformation: Joe Floria Gained 25 Pounds Of Muscle!

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Joe Floria gained over 25 pounds of lean muscle while trying to improve his strength for baseball, then found a passion for bodybuilding and went on to become a personal trainer.

Joe Floria Transformation Start
Age: 19
Weight: 175 pounds
Joe Floria Transformation End
Age: 24
Weight: 203 pounds

What Made You Turn Your Life Around?

I started working out to improve my ability and strength for baseball. I was standing 6 foot and weighing about 150lbs. It was time to add some muscle and weight to my body. After I started to see my ability on the field and my overall strength improve, I was hooked. The increase strength on the baseball field lead me to an increase in all of my statistics. I was leading my team in RBI’s and Batting Average, and also had increased range on my defensive play on the field. Seeing my body and ability change after just one offseason of training was more then enough and fitness then became my lifestyle.

After high school I continued to play baseball and of course continued to workout. I wanted to learn as much as I can about the body and new workouts to improve myself and never plateau. Then I decided the next step would be to become a Personal Trainer. So I signed up for the test and got a job in a gym. I continue to workout and learn more through certification seminars, workshops, and the Internet. I don’t see myself ever stopping.

Joe Floria Gained 25 Pounds Of Muscle!

How Did You Do It?

At first I didn’t no anything about the gym. I knew the standard workouts, bench press, row, pull-ups, pushups etc. With the help of a friend I learned as much as I can from him and what he knew. When he was all out of info I went out on my own to learn more. I thought I knew a lot about fitness, until I went to my first seminar for my certification for Personal Training. This opened up an entire different creative part of my brain towards working out. I would combined workouts into one multi muscular workout, id create circuits for weight loss and endurance. My mind would just fire off new workout routines just from seeing what I have available to me. I would always do something different to make sure I always am progressing. Over time weight training wasn’t enough I wanted more. So I researched cardio workouts such as interval training. I was working so hard to gain the muscle I didn’t want to loose it by doing extended periods of cardio. The interval training (sprints) totally changed my body, in terms of lean muscle. My abs started to develop, I could see cuts in my arms that ive never had before and on top of all that I wasn’t the slowest guy on the team. I had a huge increase in speed from doing the sprints, which only benefited me on and off the baseball field. When it comes to fitness and wanting results it all comes down to the routine. You cannot randomly be going into the gym when you have time. You need to make it a habit.

What Helped You Stay Motivated?

My motivation has and will always be that I know I can do better. Click To Tweet

Were There Any Unique Challenges That Made Your Transformation Difficult?

Hardest thing was changing my diet. Growing up I loved snacks, cookies, cakes, all the good stuff. Knowing that if I wanted to maximize my gains something had to change with my diet, so I made it happen. With proper diet I increased strength and definition. Since I saw results it was drilled in my head to avoid all the sweets.

Joe Floria Gained 25 Pounds Of Muscle!

What Does Your Training Plan Look Like?

The following is my workout routine for the LAST quarter of the 2011. I am currently doing 3 days on 1 day of rest of CrossFit.

Day 1: Chest and Triceps
Day 2: Shoulders and Legs
Day 3: Back and Biceps
Day 4: Full Body Training Circuit
Day 5: Crossfit
Day 6: Abs, Stretching and Foam Roller
Day 7: Day Of Rest

What Was Your Approach To Nutrition?

With my job (personal trainer) I am constantly active, so I burn a lot off. But there are plenty of days I don’t have time to sit down and eat for 5-7 hours at a time. This is a big gap, so I keep protein bars, shakes or something quick (yogurt, cottage cheese) with me. This will keep my metabolism contently burning and never going into “survival mode”.

Joe Floria Gained 25 Pounds Of Muscle!

What Does Your Nutrition Plan Look Like?

Lower Carb Intake As day progresses


Whole Wheat Waffle or Toast with Peanut Butter
3 Eggs Whites
1 scoop whey protein


Protein Bar


Whole Wheat English Muffin
2 oz. Turkey Breast
1 hard boiled egg (Egg white only)
Light American cheese – 1 slice

Post Workout:

2 servings whey protein


Cottage Cheese
or Protein Bar


Grilled Chicken with some sort of vegetables.

Before Bed:

1 serving Casien Protien

Did You Allow Yourself Cheat Meals?

Yes I am actually going to taco bell right now.. I’m not kidding!

Joe Floria Gained 25 Pounds Of Muscle!

What Supplements Did You Use?

Wake Up:

Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein – 1 serving
Opti-men – 1 Serving
Fish Oil – 1 Serving
L-Carintine – 1 Serving

Post Workout:

Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein – 2 servings
Optimum Nutrition Glutamine – 1 serving

Before Bed:

Optimum Nutrition Casein Protein -1 serving
Optimum Nutrition Glutamine – 1 serving

What Is Your Lifestyle Like Now?

Amazing. I still continue to workout and pick up new workouts. I am currently in the CrossFit cult. I feel great everyday, full of energy.

Any Suggestions For Others?

Fitness isn’t a hobby, it is a lifestyle and the ones who look the way everyone else wants to look are the ones who have succeeded in doing so.


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