Body Transformation: Mark James Shed Over 90 Pounds

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Body Transformation: Mark James Shed Over 90 Pounds

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Mark James was fed up with feeling unhappy about his physique and decided it was time to make a change to his lifestyle. Discover what he did to shed over 90 pounds of bodyfat with his Body Transformation secrets…

Mark James Transformation Start
Age: 36
Weight: 270 pounds
Mark James Transformation End
Age: 38
Weight: 176 pounds

What Made You Turn Your Life Around?

I was sick of who I was physically and the emotional stress was taking its toll on me so I knew it was time for a SERIOUS change.

How Did You Do It?

I started by contacting Steve Poynter from I seen him on and seen what he did for so many other people. I decided it was time to make a real change and had to do what it takes to get there. I had to get my mind set that I needed to do this. So it was convincing myself to do it and then follow through with it.

What Helped You Stay Motivated?

Omg… the physical changes I seen every day!! They literally came that fast and pushed me harder and harder.

Were There Any Unique Challenges That Made Your Transformation Difficult?

Not really. Making the adjustments that I needed to based on what Steve put together for me was easy, I think because I wanted to do this and I needed to do this. I think the difficult part, if I had to choose something, was taking everything to the level he expected and what I demanded from myself. The commitment to the workout and the diet was easier then I had anticipated it to be.

What Was Your Approach To Training?

My training schedule was set up by Steve Poynter. It was completely different then anything I have ever done in the past. My mindset was to follow the program Steve put together for me but not just go through the motions of the workout but attack it with purpose.

Body Transformation: Mark James Shed Over 90 Pounds

What Does Your Training Plan Look Like?

Steve put the training plan together for me based on what I wanted to do and change. This program changed every two weeks so there was nothing the same at all and it is hard to show an example because of the schedule he put me on.

What Was Your Approach To Nutrition?

I had to make LIFE changes with the diet and not just follow a plan for 12 weeks. This meant getting rid of a lot of the foods I liked… which got me into the shape I was in. So that wasnt hard to do. Basically it was find the foods I really liked that would support the changes I needed to make and help with the daily physical activities I was doing. Again Steve helped with that and got me on the right track.

What Does Your Nutrition Plan Look Like?

My diet plan was balanced with proteins and complex carbs. All of my meals were spaced three hours apart. Every meal had a protein source and every other meal also included veggies of some kind. Pretty basic but very effective.

Did You Allow Yourself Cheat Meals?

Don’t tell Steve this but once a week I did have a cheat…lol. I felt I had to or I would fall of the wagon and lose control… instead of having a cookie I would eat the entire package and I knew I couldn’t do that. So to make sure I stayed on track I did have a cheat meal once a week. Usually on a day I knew I would be burning the calories right off.

Body Transformation: Mark James Shed Over 90 Pounds

What Supplements Did You Use?

Oh man… this is where it gets fun. Ok, multi-vitamin twice daily with omega 3. B complex 150 with 200 mg of Co-Q 10 before physical activities. Also used Cellucor’s C4, D4, and T7 for additional support. And of course several different proteins like Muscle Milk and Nitro Peak from Inner Armour. Also added in NO2 from MRI for super pumps.

What Is Your Lifestyle Like Now?

I get to do fun things like this interview and share my story. But also when I have so many people asking me for help or tips on what they can do. I NEVER thought I would be able to run for my cardio sessions but I am doing 15 miles when I head out. When I first started I was barely able to do half a mile. I now run many events for charity. I get so many people looking at me when I am just out and about because I look so different… like I am a professional athlete and it is amazing to just be noticed for what I have worked so hard to achieve.

Any Suggestions For Others?

Stay true to what you want and push yourself all the time. Believe in yourself because if you dont you are setting yourself up for failure. If you are just starting out talk to others, get a plan and stick with it.

Body Transformation: Mark James Shed Over 90 Pounds

More From Mark James

Without my trainer Steve Poynter and Poynter Nation on facebook for support I wouldn’t be where I am today. I have met so many people that share the same passion and enthusiasm for this kind of change and that helps so much.


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