Body Transformation: Quentin Turnage Shed 40 Pounds and Got Ripped!

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Body Transformation: Quentin Turnage Shed 40 Pounds and Got Ripped!

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This Weeks Transformation of the week is Quentin Turnage, after finding motivation by reading about his idol Arnold Schwarzenegger and learned what he needed to transform his lifestyle and shed the pounds!

 Body Transformation: Quentin Turnage Dropped 40 Pounds and Got Ripped!
Age: 21
Weight: 199 pounds
Waist: 34″
 Body Transformation: Quentin Turnage Dropped 40 Pounds and Got Ripped!
Age: 21
Weight: 162 pounds
Waist: 30″

What Made You Turn Your Life Around?

In 2004 I was in high school at the age of 15 or 16. I always wanted to work out and gain some muscle and feel strong about myself. I did not want to be skinny all my life so I started to look more into it. As I was doing that I met a classmate by the name of Michael Ayres, he was one year older than me but about 3 times bigger. I went up and just started talking to him about stuff like how much he weighed and how long he had been working out. Ever since I can remember who Arnold was, I looked up to him a lot. I read his books and talked about him with my uncle. He told me about him, how many times he had won, and how he got started at a very young age. That really got me going and ever since meeting my friend Michael back in 2004, I have been going strong at it, eating healthy and aiming to be better then I was before.

I keep in shape and eat healthy not just to look good, but because I know that what you do today will affect your outcome later in life when you’re 60, 70, 80, or even 90 years old.

How Did You Do It?

I went down to Planet Fitness, a small gym located in downtown Gilroy. I signed up there for a membership and then went down to the store to buy the supplements I needed to get me going like protein powder, glutamine and BCAAs.

I then went shopping for food, cooked it, and planned out the six meals that I was going to eat. I learned how to eat how and how to time my meals, such as when to take a protein shake.

I bought a lot of muscle mags to teach me about how to live a healthy life and to lift for muscle growth. I still have all the mags I bought and still read them from time to time.

I’m proud to say that I’m self taught; I have never paid for a personal trainer or have worked with one. I believe being self-taught is the best way to go but make sure you have someone to push you in the right direction in the beginning.

Quentin Turnage Transformation

What Helped You Stay Motivated?

The results that I was getting through my hard work was helping me to stay motivated, without hard work it is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted.

What Was Your Approach To Training?

I just kept in mind that less weight and more reps along with a good diet thats high in protein and low in fat I will get results.

What Does Your Training Plan Look Like?

Monday: Chest & Shoulders
Tuesday: Legs & Abs
Wednesday: Back & Traps
Thursday: Rest Day
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: Full Body Workout & Cardio
Sunday: Cardio

What Was Your Approach To Nutrition?

I dont count my protein, calories or carbs when I would eat. I would just judge according to how I looked in the mirror and how I felt I eat super clean like chicken steak rice and veggies.

Quentin Turnage Transformation

What Does Your Nutrition Plan Look Like?

Meal 1 : 2 scoops blended Optimum Nutrition Nitro Core 24
Meal 2 : 1 Chicken Breast 2 cups Broccoli 1 cup Yogurt
Meal 3: 1 Chicken Breast 2 cups Broccoli 1/2 cup Oatmeal
Meal 4: 1 Fish Fillet 2 cups Broccoli 1/2 cup Oatmeal
Meal 5 : 1 Chicken Breast 2 cups Broccoli
Meal 6: 2 scoops blended Optimum Nutrition Nitro Core 24

Did You Allow Yourself Cheat Meals?

Yes, about once or twice a week.

What Supplements Did You Use?

Fish oil and some protein power along with a pre-workout supplement.

What Is Your Lifestyle Like Now?

It’s great I wouldn’t change it for nothing, I just got my surgery for my gynocomastia aka man boobs so i’m very very happy about it.

Quentin Turnage Transformation

Any Suggestions For Others?

Don’t look for short term gratification. Don’t take shortcuts because there are none at all there, just short cuts to disappointment. Work out hard, eat healthy, and the results will follow.

I have a video on youtube of my transformation called ”best body transformation of 2010” if anybody would like to check it out.


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