What Makes Hot Yoga HOT!

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What Makes Hot Yoga HOT!

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Leha talks about the Hot Yoga also known as Bikram Yoga, and talks about the health and fitness benefits it on a regular basis.

Several years ago I believed that if you weren’t on an elliptical machine or outside running then you weren’t doing proper cardiovascular exercises.  Here recently I wanted to see what all the hype about hot yoga, so I thought I would give it a try.  Wow!  Was I in for a surprise!  I don’t think I’ve ever sweated as much during my regular cardio routines.

Hot yoga also known as “Bikram Yoga” was founded by yoga instructor, Bikram Chaudhuri from India.  Hot yoga consists of different poses in a heated room anywhere from 95 to 100 degrees.  Hot yoga has become very popular over the years amongst people with illnesses, athletes, and those who just want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  There are many benefits from hot yoga.  I have been doing hot yoga for nearly a year now once or twice a week, and I can tell that it has helped shape my body and helped me to become more flexible.

Here are some reasons why hot yoga is beneficial:

1. It helps with flexibility
2. It helps to tone muscles.
3. Gets rid of toxic substances from your body.
4. Helps you to relax.
5. Helps to improve your weight and burns fat.

Sometimes studios provide packages that you can purchase, however, I recommend trying out one class to see if hot yoga is for you.  Make sure you drink plenty of water, and do not eat a big meal prior to hot yoga.  Instead, eat a small piece of fruit or a handful of almonds for energy.  If you fail to drink water throughout the day you will feel fatigued, and you don’t want to cause any injuries to yourself during or after class.  Take plenty of water with you to drink in between poses.  Also, take a yoga mat, a beach towel sized towel to place on top of your mat, and a small hand towel.  You may also want to take a yoga block with you if the studio doesn’t provide one.  Yoga blocks will aid you in several poses and prevent injury.

If you decide hot yoga is for you then you will become more comfortable with the poses as you take more classes.  Shortly thereafter you should begin seeing results with your body and the benefits hot yoga provides.  Grab your mat and water and get ready to sweat!

Check out this website to find a hot yoga class near you!


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