The “Not So Secret” Secret Of Why Guys Go To The Gym

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The “Not So Secret” Secret Of Why Guys Go To The Gym

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Let’s be honest – one of the main reason guys hit the gym is so they can be more attractive to women. In fact, if women weren’t a major a factor in going to the gym, I seriously doubt many of the people who are into bodybuilding, and crafting the “perfect physique” would even do it…

But is there really any truth to women finding muscular men more attractive?

Actually, there is.

But it’s probably not what you think – research shows that women are most attracted to “toned” men, and actually find brauny, bulky muscles less attractive than a standard “fit” physique.

Of course, it’s all pretty subjective. Some people argue that women would probably find extremely muscular men attractive, but feel that they are “out of their league” (and therefore voted for a type of physique that might find them attractive too – slimmer, more toned bodies).

Sure, bodybuilding is an extremely rewarding activity, whether it’s just a hobby for you, or you are taking it to the stage on a competitive level. But from personal experience, as well as my friends (when we have frank discussions), one of the core reasons is that women do in fact find muscular physiques attractive.

And if I were being totally honest, I’d say this was probably my main motivation too.

My journey started about 3 years ago. All throughout high school, I deemed myself to be a bit of a loner, and never even had a girlfriend the entire time I was there. And after leaving high school and into the “real world”, many of my habits became even worse.

I was stuck in my head all the time, had low confidence, and felt extremely nervous talking to women (whether they were attractive or not). I had somehow managed to land a girlfriend in that time, but it wasn’t long before she dumped me for someone a bit more exciting than I.

A shameful story, yes. But it taught me an important lesson:

You get out of life what you put into it.

After slowly coming to terms with how things ended with someone who was once considered my best friend, I decided to really try my best to turn my life around. And one of the things I kept hearing was how great going to the gym felt. And I must admit, I did try to use it as a “jealousy” trick to try and win her back… maybe if I became a lot more attractive, she would come running back into my arms (which never happened of course).

Anyway, as the years went by, I transformed my life dramatically.

I had shifted my negative outlook on life into a more positive one, women naturally found me more attractive, and I had a circle of friends to help “push” me – in the gym, in my personal life, and to achieve my goals of financial freedom.

Over time, I realized that it wasn’t just about having the “dream physique”.

It was all about what it takes to mentally and emotionally handle the stresses of life, and come out as a winner no matter how difficult the journey is.

The real reason why men become more attractive, is because building muscle takes dedication, pushing yourself each time you hit the iron, and a mindset of “you can be stronger”.

All of which are very attractive personality traits.

All of which translate into pure “confidence” that oozes out in every part of your personality.

It sounds dramatic, but I believe it’s exactly these traits that are truly what attracts women – rather than just having a great physique alone.

Don’t get me wrong – having a great body will definitely get your foot in more doors than you would normally.

But it’s not the “be all, end all” of getting better with women. Who knows, it might even have some to do with male pheromones that attract women – whatever it is, I can say without a doubt that there is a HUGE difference in how I used to be treated, vs how I am treated now.

Whether it’s because I look a lot fitter and healthier, or whether it’s because I just have a lot of natural, self grown confidence doesn’t matter anymore. For me, it’s been a huge accomplishment in my life, and one that continues to help grow my social, dating, and professional life in many different ways.

My dad used to tell me, “charity begins in the home” – and I finally understood what it really means. It’s that how you do one thing, will affect how you do other things. When you half ass the gym, you half ass life. When you put 100% effort into something, it means you will probably put your best efforts forward in other areas of your life.

By now, you probably understand that it’s not always just about being the most ripped. It’s about developing quality personal traits, and one of the best ways to do it is by becoming a regular at the gym. We all have dips in motivation, not feeling like we can push hard enough, or feeling like we just have such a long road ahead that it might not even be worth it in the end anyway.

The truth is that these are excuses we all make at some point in order to not have to put in the hard yards – but if you persevere, the rewards can be far greater than just simply brushing it aside for another day.


– Johnny Delgado


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