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    When the pain goes away a little bit, you can try to train him and triceps, but divide the load and make two half approaches. Muscle during recovery will not lose its tone due to the complete absence of stress successful training and lack of injury to you, athletes.

    Determining the type of body – Body style is the most important of all the steps in choosing the right nutrition, and workout routines. All this is the case that your gene pool to play a huge role in your physique. However, genetics leaves few moments to correct figure, but for this you will need to sweat.

    The problem is the definition of body type is as follows: it is necessary to form their diet and exercise program cannot be repeating other people’s programs, which are also trained hard, and even if their effect after the training is quite high. Explain the bans easy – each person has an individual genetics, requiring a personal approach.

    Now let’s try to determine the type of your body that will undoubtedly affect in further procedures. In addition, after determining your physique will be available approximate period of time when they begin to actively burn your fat cells. This will largely determine the effort that will be required during training. At this stage, you should fill out the following: positive genetics does not require a huge amount of time and painstaking efforts, and negative, on the contrary, it will have to fight a long time.

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    Determining the body type before deciding your workout plan is an essential task. Every exercise is not suitable for everyone, you need to see yourself in the mirror and decide what body type you are and what will work best for you.


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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