About Muscle Talk With Fitness Model Jada Kelly

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About Muscle Talk With Fitness Model Jada Kelly

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About Muscle talk with Fitness Model Jada Kelly, she found her love for fitness when she started working in a gym when she was in college. Today she has competed in more than 7 bikini shows and wants to earn her IFBB Pro card.

Interview With Fitness Model Jada Kelly
Name: Jada Kelly
E-mail: Click Here
Age: 29 Years
Height: 5’4″
Weight: 118 pounds
Location: Los Angeles
Experience: 15 years

Could You Tell Us A Bit About Yourself And How You Got Involved In Fitness?

I needed a job in college and the Student Rec center was hiring! I started working in the gym cleaning machines and updating a monthly “fitness” bulletin board. My boss was amazing and noticed my passion for fitness before I even realized that it was there! I started taking aerobics classes, lifting weights and was given the opportunity to be certified as a personal trainer and aerobics instructor. My boss became my mentor and helped me with my first clients. I continued to train and teach aerobics through college and after I graduated. It wasn’t until about 8 years later that I decided to compete. My workout buddy at the time was a fitness competitor and she always talked about her love of competing and encouraged me to try it. On my 28th birthday, Dec. 2, 2009, I decided that this would be the year that I would start competing. By January 2010, I had a coach and started training for my first show. Once I started training, I was hooked! Doing the show was just icing on the cake now it’s 7 shows later and I can’t imagine my life without competing!

What Is Your Training Philosopy?

I can sum it up in one sentence – Be your best ALWAYS!

 Interview With Fitness Model Jada Kelly

What Does Your Workout Plan Look Like?

My workout plan changes depending on my goals at the time. I just competed in my 4th show of the year and I am planning to take a few months off the grind of competition prep. My current goals are to stay lean and maintain my muscle mass. I took a week off after my last show to just chill out and not think about my diet or specific workouts. This week, I will be doing a lot of full body, hi- rep circuits and cardio splits. Below is my workout plan for this week:

Day 1: Full Body Dumbbell Circuit
Day 2: Cardio split, low impact only!
Day 3: Full Body Barbell Circuit
Day 4: Cardio Split, Step mill
Day 5: Full Body Plyo/Bodyweight Circuit
Day 6: 30 min cardio of choice, Back/Abs Super sets
Day 7: Total Rest Day

What Is Your Philosopy On Nutrition?

Eat clean most of the time, I enjoy a treat on the weekend! It’s really about a life style change, not a diet!!!! I do everything I can to keep my food creative and healthy at the same time. Fortunately, I love to cook, so experimenting with new spices and foods is exciting for me. My mission is to just enjoy my food! I have my boundaries (no added salt, no or very low sugar, only complex carbs) and I make sure to enjoy every bite!!

 Interview With Amateur Fitness Model Jada Kelly

What Does Your Nutrition Plan Look Like?

This is the general formula that I work with. Proteins usually change with every meal and I switch between ground turkey breast, chicken breast and fish. The veggies change with every meal and I usually switch between yams, black beans, quinoa, brown rice, ezekial bread, P28 bread or 2 corn tortillas. Everything I use has the lowest sodium possible.

Meal 1:

4-5 egg whites
1/3 cup oats or 1/3 cup quinoa

Meal 2:

1 scoop Top Secret Nutrition Whey protein
1 Apple

Meal 3:

4-5 oz. lean protein
2 cups veggies
½ cup carbs

Meal 4:

1 low sodium/salt free rice cake
2 tbsp Peanut butter

Meal 5:

4-5 oz. lean protein
2 cups veggies & small salad
2 Tbsp olive oil and 1 Tbsp balsamic vinegar

Meal 6:

1 scoop TSN Whey protein
¼ cup frozen blue berries,
ice and water in a blender!!

What Supplements Do You Use?

I love Top Secret Nutrition products!!! I am currently using their Whey protein, Diet Accelerator, Digestive Enzymes and Fat Burner. The other supplement that I can’t live without is HMB! I started using HMB in January of 2011 and it has made a huge difference in my leanness and muscle mass! With my daily routine, I also take a multi-vitamin, Vitamin C, MRM Smartblend for fatty acids and MRM BCAA+G for pre and post workouts.

 Interview With Fitness Model Jada Kelly

What Made You Want To Achieve Your Goals?

When I set the goal of doing my first competition I knew it was a pretty big task. I wanted to prove to myself that I could be disciplined enough to achieve the leanness and definition needed to compete and do well. The want to prove to myself that I could do it got me through my first show preparation. During that prep time, I fell in love with the process and the challenge of competing. I was completely hooked after my first show. Now, my goal is to look better and better at each show I do! I always want to be my best and that pushes me to achieve my goals. The next big goal is to earn my IFBB Pro Card!!

What Do You Love Most About Fitness?

Learning to be fit can change lives!! I love fitness because you can share it with others and literally see them become better people! It’s not only about a physical transformation. It is about a transformation from the inside out! It starts in your mind and teaches you dedication and determination. As you are consistent, even through the hard days, your self confidence increases as you begin to see your body change. Your quality of life increases because you feel better overall! Then, as you share your journey with others, they will start their own fitness journey because of your example.

Who Are Your Favorite Athletes, Bodybuilders and Fitness Models?

I have so many that I look up to, but the ones who have influenced me the most to date are Missy Coles, Jennifer Dietrick, Jessica Paxton, Michele D’Angona, Alicia Marie, Jaime Baird and Jamie Eason.

Any Advice For Our Readers?

Love the process. Love your workouts. Love your competition prep food. You prepare for MONTHS to get 10 minutes on the stage. If you don’t love and appreciate the preparation, you will feel burned out and it won’t be fun anymore. Half of the reward is in the process!!

If Someone Wants To Connect With You How Can You Be Contacted?

Website: www.jadakellyfit.com

Email: jadakellyfit@gmail.com


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