Fitness Model Jamie Eason Biography and Gallery

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Fitness Model Jamie Eason Biography and Gallery

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Jamie Eason is one of biggest fitness models in the fitness industry, and known as the worlds fittest fitness model. Jamie has been featured on many fitness magazines and websites including, Oxygen, Ironman, Status Fitness and more.

Jamie Eason Fitness Model Biography
Name: Jamie Eason
Date Of Birth:April 10, 1976
Residence: United States
Height: 5’2″
Weight: 106 pounds
Occupation: Model
Website: n/a

Jamie Eason Biography

Jamie Eason is one of the top fitness models and spokeswomen in the fitness industry today. As the female face of industry leading website, Jamie travels the country making many appearances and promoting a healthy lifestyle of exercise and nutrition. Her web video series “True Beauty” is a highlight of the site, along with her articles on training, diet and lifestyle. Jamie began her bodybuilding career in 2005 as a fitness and figure athlete, achieving WNBF Figure Pro and WNSO Fitness Model Pro cards and in 2006 was crowned the “World’s Fittest Model”.

In addition to her work for, Jamie is frequently featured in articles and cover photos of many of the top fitness magazines and websites including, Oxygen, Ironman, Status Fitness, MuscleMag, Flex, DXL, Fatfighter.TV, Muscle and Fitness Hers and Planet Muscle. Jamie recently appeared on the Bravo Network reality series “ Work Out”.

As a lifelong dancer and athlete, Jamie gained a renewed interest in a fit lifestyle after a scare with breast cancer in her early 20’s. In 2001, while accompanying a friend to the tryout, Jamie earned a spot on the NFL cheerleading squad for the Houston Texans. Eason would learn of another health issue she faces a few years later when she wrenched her back doing a simple lifting motion and discovered that she suffers from Spina Bifida Occulta, a minor form of the disease that is quite debilitating during flare-ups. As a result of that incident, Jamie became even more determined to take control of her life and health and become a role model for women everywhere. Jamie explains her personal philosophy that she shares with others, “This is your life. If you are not who you want to be, change it! It won’t be easy and it may take some time, but surround yourself with people who love and support you and go for it! No regrets! Only you dwell on your failures. Good luck and remember the inner strength you’ll achieve from adopting a healthy lifestyle, far supersedes anything physical.”

Using the popularity she has gained through her website and MySpace , she is now focusing on how she can help others. Jamie is an avid supporter of our troops and her many fans. “I spend entire days answering the emails, messages and comments I receive. I do my best to answer as many people as I possibly can. I’m always flattered when I hear the phrase; I want to be the next Jamie Eason. If that really is someone’s goal or they just want to be healthier, I want to do all I can to help.”

Jamie is beginning to expand her own presence and is planning her own cookbook, breast cancer PSAs, DVD series and several other new projects.

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Jamie Eason Gallery

More About Jamie Eason

Top 5 Favorite Achievements/Proudest Moments

1. Graduating college

2. Buying my own home

3. Landing the cover of Oxygen Magazine

4. Winning the title of World’s Fittest Model

5. Acquiring a sponsorship from

What Are Your 5 Favorite Hobbies?

1. Cooking

2. Dancing

3. Traveling

4. Shopping

5. Going to the lake

What Are Your Favorite Cheat Foods?

1. Carrot Cake

2. Waffles & Pancakes

3. Mexican food

4. Pizza

Faviourite Songs On Your iPod?

1. Rev Theory – Favorite Disease

2. Shinedown – Call Me

3. Papa Roach – Time is Running Out

4. One Republic – Stop and Stare

5. Seether – Rise Above This

6. Temple of the Dog – Say Hello to Heaven

Favorite Books to Read?

1. Self-help and inspirational books

2. Fitness and Home Decorator magazines



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