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Jennifer Nicole Lee: Fitness Model Biography

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Jennifer Nicole Lee: Fitness Model Biography

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Jennifer Nicole Lee: Fitness Model Biography
Name: Jennifer Nicole Lee
Date Of Birth: June 13, 1975
Residence: Arvada, CO
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 125lbs
Occupation: Fitness Model
Website: n/a

Jennifer Nicole Lee Biography

Fitness expert and author, Jennifer Nicole Lee (JNL), has become an icon for women and fellow moms across the world with her amazing 70-pound plus weight loss success story. To ultimately improve her physical and mental health and become more active with her children, JNL began a regimen of exercise drills and performance nutrition. Training as an athlete, JNL’s goal was to lose weight, with the ultimate goal of entering a bikini contest. Less than one year later, JNL entered the ultimate figure competition and was crowned Miss Bikini America 2005, realizing her goal and proving that mothers can still be sexy, fun and fit!

JNL – Jennifer Nicole LeeThis empowering experience catapulted Jennifer Nicole Lee into the health and fitness industry and gained her the respect of countless professionals. She has shared her compelling weight loss story on national talk shows including Oprah and Inside Edition, and has proudly graced the covers of over 15 fitness magazines.

JNL’s Business Career

Although Jennifer Nicole Lee is know as a fitness expert. She has also become high profile leader in the fitness and wellness industry and the CEO of her multi-million dollar empire, JNL Inc. Currently, JNL is appearing in over 100 different countries on TV, and her voice is being dubbed into over 20 different languages-all thanks to her global hit, the AB Circle Pro. JNL is not just some hired talent for the Ab Circle Pro. She is part partner, creator, and designer of the AB Circle Pro , which is currently rated worldwide as the best selling exercise equipment to date. JNL Inc teamed up with her partners to create the exercise equipment of the future-and take its success on an international level. She makes monthly appearance to over 90 million households on top interactive shopping chanel, HSN.

On Independence Day, July 4th 2009, JNL created a brand new division to her empire, entitling it JNL World Wide, Inc.-thus marking the new found freedom of taking her fitness passion to over 100 different countries. JNL named her new division after her idol and mentor Kathy Ireland. Kathy Ireland made the transition from top cover model to mega-model mogul, and created her own co. Kathy Ireland World Wide. I used her business model to produce the same maximum growth for my company, thus naming it JNL World Wide, Inc. states Jennifer.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Gallery

Angelique Millis, Vice President of JNL, Inc. states “JNL is so much more than a fitness model”. She is a leader in the fitness industry-creating fitness equipment, authoring best selling books, and being visible in over 100 different countries, speaking in over 20 different languages.

It boggles me that people think of JNL as just some fitness model. With gross annual sales in the millions, she definitely doing much, much more than just standing in front of the camera. She is hands on and involved in so many different projects.

Bikini Model Program

Jennifer nicole Lee’s Bikini Model Program is a revolutionary new fat loss and muscle building system. This system has been endorsed by elite trainers and top female fitness magazines and has helped hundreds of women of all ages to gain that Bikini Model look! Burn unwanted fat, blast cellulite and build a sleek and sexy bikini model body!



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