Interview With Amateur Bodybuilder Matthijs Klein

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Interview With Amateur Bodybuilder Matthijs Klein

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About Muscle talk amateur bodybuilder Matthijs Klein. Trained and coached by Sietze Lebbing, a Dutch Bodybuilding Champion who saw potential in Matthijs

Interview with Matthijs klein
Name: Matthijs klein
E-mail: Click here
Age: 18
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 200 lbs
Location: Smilde, Netherlands
Experience: 2 years

Could You Tell Us A Bit About Yourself And How You Got Involved In Fitness?

When I was a young boy I wanted to join the Navy. I knew I needed to get fit to pass exams or succeed in exercises. You need to be really fit because it’s a very serious job. The first time I went to the gym I was 15 years old. I started working out three times a week and trained some muscles in the gym. I loved the gym so much so I started training more and stopped running outdoors.

There was a trainer in the gym (a Dutch bodybuilding champion). His name is Sietze Lebbing. The first time that I saw him I didn’t like his body. He was too big, all those muscles were too much for me. But every time I entered the gym I saw Sietze training and I was so impressed. Nowadays I want that same big body or even more. My dream is not the Navy anymore but I want to be the best bodybuilder.

Sietze Lebbing saw some potential in me and we decided to do the YBF Dutch championships, my first competition. It was really hard to do the cardio and watch the low carbs. But it was a really good lesson. I won third place at my first competition. I was really happy with this result. Sunday, May 22 I did my second competition, the Artemis Cup, and won! The diet was really hard, only fish for 8 weeks. I now qualified myself for the WFF in Austria!

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What Helps You Stay Motivated?

It’s for my own sake. I want to have a goal in life, something where I can be really proud. Thinking of that keeps me going, along with inspiring others to live a healthier life style. I want to show people that nothing is impossible!

What Is Your Training Philosopy?

Its really important to know what you want. Set goals for youre self. Nothing is impossible. I hear a lot of people say cant do this or something like that but i thing if you believe in yourself you can do anything you want.

 Interview With Amateur Bodybuilder Matthijs Klein

What Does Your Workout Plan Look Like?

my workout plan changes every 2 months so my body does not get used to it. In the off-season I train 4 times/week and for a competition 6 times/week and then I also add some cardio. This is one of my off season training programs, it works really well for me.

Day 1: Chest/Shoulders/Triceps/Calves
Day 2: Back/Biceps/Quads/Hamstrings
Day 3: Day Off – Rest
Day 4: Chest/Shoulders/Triceps/Calves
Day 5: Back/Biceps/Quads/Hamstrings
Day 6: Day Off – Rest
Day 7: Day Off – Rest

What Does Your Nutrition Plan Look Like?

Meal 1:

3 egg whites
75g whole grain cereal with 1 cup milk
2 scoops Optimum Gold Standard Whey

Meal 2:

200g Chicken Breast
200g Vegetables

Meal 3:

200g Rice
200g Chicken Breast
200g Vegetables

Meal 4:

200g Fish
200g Vegetables

Meal 5:

200g Chicken Breast
200g Potatoe
200g Lettuce

What Supplements Do You Use?

Protein supplements have given me the best results. I use Optimum’s Gold Standard whey (best taste). I use creatine because it makes me a little bit stronger. I started now also with Opt-Men multi vitamins, a good addition to my normal meals. After the training I take also Vitargo for some fast sugars, good for my recovery.


Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Standard Whey


Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Standard Whey
GENR8 Vitargo: 70g
Creatine: 20g

3 Times Daily:

Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men: 1 tab

What 3 Exercises Have Contributed The Most To Building Your Physique?

Dumbell curls gives me a great pump!

 Interview With Amateur Bodybuilder Matthijs Klein

What Do You Love Most About Fitness?

I love bodybuilding because every day is a challenge for me. Go to the gym, pick up some heavy dumbbells, and eat my meals every day. I love pushing myself beyond my natural limit. I love the feeling when I step under an iron bar and squat weight others couldn’t even imagine.

Who Are Your Favorite Athletes, Bodybuilders and Fitness Models?

Sietze Lebbing and Kevin Levrone. Kevin Levrone is a very likeable man. He shows that he has it all and is very physical. He is also a singer and posing on his own music makes him my favorite. Sietze Lebbing is my coach, trainer, and also a Dutch bodybuilding champion. I really respect him what he has done for me!

Any Advice For Our Readers?

You have to know what you want, set goals for yourself and be patient. Rome was not built in a day! It’s really important that you listen to your coach or trainer.

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