How to Use a Power Rack: A Beginner’s Guide

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How to Use a Power Rack: A Beginner’s Guide

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A power pack, a power cage or squat cage is an upright beam which is normally 7 feet or more in height. It is used for free workouts. A power rack itself cannot help you much with workout instead you need a few other accessories and equipment to make use of it.

You can use power rack for bench press, squats, overhead press, deadlifts and more. The list of workouts can go a long way but in this guide, we will talk about the easier ones including:

Bench press
Overhead press

Bench Press

Bench press is one of the easiest and the most popular exercise. Since it is easy therefore it is best for beginners. You must have buy the best flat bench or adjustable bench which suit for your need.

Put the bench right in the middle of the power rack and adjust the barbell to a distance of about 6 to 8 inches above the bench. Make sure that saddles are not set too high. If you have to go a long way to grab the barbell, you will need a lot of energy.

A good idea is to set saddles close to the bench.

Load bar with appropriate weights so that you can easily do 10 to 12 reps. Lie down on the bench, unrack the rod and bring it to your upper chest slowly. Stopping the barbell at the upper chest and then moving it back up will give you some tough time.

After completing 10 to 12 reps, try a different level as the energy and the intensity of the bench press is related to the level and range selected.


Sounds too intensive but you have to do it.

Deadlifts are best for increasing size as well as for strengthening the muscles. It is a rather simple exercise.

  1. Set the bar at the lowest level.
  2. Put the appropriate weights that you can lift easily.
  3. Stand inside the power rack with your feet wide open.
  4. Squat down and grab the barbell tightly. You must grip it firmly so that you don’t end up damaging your wrist or arm.
  5. Raise the barbell using your heels. Raise it to safety stop at a point where your back gets straight.
  6. Wait for five seconds at this position.
  7. Lower the rod and then lift it up again.
  8. Complete five sets.

Overhead Press

Overhead press is a compound exercise that involves a lot of muscles. Thanks to your power rack which can help you with overhead press too.

If you have a tall cage rack, you can easily do overhead press inside it but if it is a short one, you should move out of the rack. You can pull the bar from outside uprights on the rack or floor depending on whether your power rack has uprights outside or not.

  1. Adjust the bar at a level of your shoulders.
  2. Put the bar and bring it your front shoulders.
  3. Firmly grip it while locking your hips and knees.
  4. Raise the chest upwards.
  5. Press the bar in vertical direction over your head.
  6. Once the bar has passed your head, lean a bit forward while keeping bar above your head vertically. Hold it there for five seconds and then move down slowly back to the front shoulders.
  7. Do five reps.

These three exercises will keep you healthy and fit provided you do these regularly and as directed.



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