Mike Westerdal: Bodybuilding Expert & Powerlifter

Mike Westerdal: Bodybuilding Expert & Powerlifter

Mike Westerdal is Bodybuilding expert and power lifter with many years experience, he is the author of the critical bench program.

Mike Westerdal is the founder of CriticalBench.com, one of the first muscle building and strength training websitse on the internet. After playing football for 4 years Mike went on coach football in Europe where he became a certified personal trainer.

Mike is well known fitness author and has contributed many articles for popular health and fitness magazines including Powerlifting USA, REPS! Magazine and many other publications.

Mike has several popular the workout programs including his best selling Critical Bench Program 2.0 which has helped more then 17, 238 people improve their bench press by 50 pounds or more in ten weeks! With his unique power-building approach you are guaranteed to build all around size and strength.

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