William Vatcher: Strength and Conditioning Coach

William Vatcher: Strength and Conditioning Coach

Will Vatcher is a Strength & Conditioning Coach based in Cambridgeshire, England. He utilizes the most reliable and up to date information available in order to bring about the best results for whomever he trains.

His client base ranges from athletes looking to become stronger & more explosive to people looking to lose weight safely and rapidly. He does not believe age is a barrior in training people.

Will is also well researched on many different strength & speed training methods employed by track athletes, powerlifter’s, olympic weighlifter’s, soccer players and strongman competitors.

His training methology has been keenly influenced by experts such as V. Zatsiorsky, Y. Verkhoshansky, T. Bompa, Thomas Kurz, Ivan Abadjiev, Angel Spassov, Louie Simmons & A. S. Prilepin. Aside from his articles published on about-muscle, he has also written and published articles at www.bretcontreras.com and t-nation.

Will can be contacted via email ‘willvatcher@hotmail.com’ for further information on articles or training services.

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